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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Archive for the 'Cinemagraph Sftware' Category

VideoFXPro launch ends today; discount coupon #ad

Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have been promoting their new online “software as a service” (SaaS) tool, VideoFXPro for the last 7 days. Their launch period is ending today.This is a powerful creator of hybrid animations (sometimes called “cinemagraphs”). It aims to give you more engagement, clicks, leads & sales.Video is your go-to tool for improving your results because your content must be compelling and credible in order to get attention. If you don’t get attention, your results will suffer, and video is the top way to get attention.You won’t need any technical... [...]

Hybrid animations get you more clicks, leads, sales #ad

There’s nothing like a video to capture buyer attention. Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have just released software, called VideoFXPro, that creates hybrid animated videos at the drop of a hat.This new automated software can generate complete videos in seconds. You can use the videos to instantly spice up your social media, blogs, sites and offer pages.Over 1,000 online marketers have seen the value in VideoFXPro and have jumped on board.The process is simple and you won’t need any technical skills to get started:Step 1 – Add a YouTube video, your own video or one from the library... [...]

VisualReel Creates Cinemagraphs, Memes, Quote­Pics in 3­ Steps #ad

Stay with us until the end; we share a discount code with you.If there’s one thing online marketers have learned in the last year, it is that visual elements boost marketing success dramatically.Videos, cinemagraphs, memes, and quotations presented on a visual background can make your sales material really “pop”.VisualReel is powerful software that creates graphic elements to get your website or social media more engagement, more leads &and more sales.Facebook fills everybody’s news feed with more and more ads. As a result, small marketers find that getting engagement... [...]

Attract customers like never before with done-for-you ads #ad

New software by Mo Latif called Flicktive ProYour customers get excited about new, riveting content that’s entertaining, captivating and impressive. These unusual videos provide you content that commands attention just like Coca-Cola, Netflix or Starbucks so you can grow your business and your profits.Use your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and even LinkedIn.In fact, you can actually use them anywhere online that lets you post content.Flicktive Pro allows you to create and publish limitless mouth-watering content that attracts visitors to your site like never before.Once... [...]

Apple, Netflix, and Canon using cinemagraphs. Are you? #ad

In the last few years, a new photography effect has been adopted by large marketers and by photo artists, in general. It’s called cinemagraphsIt is a photograph in which one small area is moving, so it’s half-way between a still photo and a video.This new technique is taking the marketing world by storm. Marketers large and small are finding cinemagraphs helpful. For example, Toronto-based start-up Inkbox showed 117% increase in click-through rate for its Facebook ads, plus a 41% decrease in cost per click, and 4 points increase in relevance score after they started using cinemagraphs.That... [...]