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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Archive for the 'User Experience Trends' Category

Improving Marketing with UX: Four Things to Know

User experience is the buzzword today as it plays a vital role in improving customer retention. With proper research you can create a UX design that helps you to close more sales. Vertical Leap’s Billy Farroll has shared four strategies to help you improve your marketing with better user experience. Farroll says, “UX design has come a long way in recent years but the discipline is still finding its feet in an ever-changing digital environment. For every new UX design trend that promises to change the way we think about designed experiences (IoT, augmented reality, etc.),... [...]

Follow these 10 UX guidelines for online forms

Satisfying user experience (UX) is the ultimate factor which plays an important role in taking your business to newer heights. You need to deliver right UX on both the websites and the web forms you design which are going to be accessed by the users. HubSpot columnist Kristen Baker has shared ten UX guidelines for designing attractive forms. The guidelines also feature relevant examples. Highlighting the importance of UX, Baker says, “The point of a web form is to collect certain personal information from your visitor, whether that be an email address or their shipping and payment details.... [...]

21% rate Amazon as the site with best UX

A Clutch survey has revealed that Internet users see Amazon as a site that delivers best user experience (UX) compared to other websites. The survey involved 612 people. Here are more findings. 30% of the people used Facebook the most in the past month, 18% used YouTube, 10% visited Amazon and 7% used Gmail 14% visit website to browse images 48% say they would return to a website if they found its content useful 54% of the people stated that they would stop using a website for a particular session because of slow load time. User Experience on Top Websites in 2018 Clutch  [...]

How to offer a great user experience to your customers?

Satisfying User Experience (US) rests at the heart of any brand. It leads the customers to stay back with your brand and their reviews help you gain more customers. AdWeek’s Dan Tynan has shared five rules to help marketers create a compelling user experience for your customers. Tynan says, “Want to create a compelling user experience for your customers? Follow these five rules. Know your users Before you can design a pleasing user experience, you need to know what users actually want. Unfortunately, many brands don’t do enough to understand their customers and how the business can... [...]

Five tips to improve your UX design

An effective User Experience (UX) design helps you cater to the needs of your customers. An innovative UX design is one that adjusts to the needs of your market and users. ReadWrite’s Stephen Moyers has shared five tip to help marketers improve their UX design. Moyers says, “In fact, optimal UX could be the factor that determines the success of your company. If your website is struggling to retain visitors, it may be that it needs a UX update. Try these strategies to identify whether your website has a UX design problem and how you can fix it if so. Put Yourself in the Customer’s... [...]

Watch out for these eight User Experience (UX) trends in 2018

Providing great user experience is one of the most important tasks for most brands than doing anything else. Econsultancy columnist Ben Davis has compiled eight experts’ predictions on the future of user experience (UX) in the year 2018. On applying design skills to AI, Clearleft CEO Andy Budd says, “If conversations user interfaces were big in 2017, I think applying our design skills to all manner of AI-powered products and services will be the big trend in 2018. We’re currently seeing the boards of our largest clients invest in the productivity improvements AI can bring. At the... [...]

Econsultancy shares biggest User Experience (UX) trends of 2017

User experience (UX) has been at the core of any organization since it helps them improve customer loyalty. UX can be achieved improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure products and services. Econsultancy columnist Ben Davis has shared the biggest user experience (UX) trends in 2017 as mentioned by various industry representatives. Here’s what Andy Budd has said on digital service design: The growth of digital service design has been another area of interest for us. As traditional services become more and more digital, and as digital services break out of their product silos,... [...]