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Friday, August 7, 2020

Archive for the 'User engagement tips' Category

Strategies to Engage Your Readers with Great Blog Posts

Blogging is treated as a marketing tactic that helps you to to get your business more online visibility. A well maintained blog with quality content helps you to connect with wider audience and increase your sales. To make people visit your blog repeatedly, what you need is quality, refreshing and useful content.Search Engine Journal contributor Jessica Foster has shared 25+ blog post ideas to help you engage more audience.Foster says, “In this guide, you’ll find 25 different ways to come up with blog post ideas so you don’t have to keep banging your head on your keyboard.1. Audience... [...]

Strategies to improve user engagement with your content

User engagement leads to marketing success as you are able to reach them out fully. With multiple tactics you can improve your user engagement, but have you tried it with the content?Marketing Land contributor Kristopher Jones has shared eight tactics that can help you improve your user engagement with the help of content.Talking about the use engagement metrics, Jones says, “The most common set of user engagement metrics that correlate to content relevance and quality is:Click-through rate.Pages per session.Average website visit duration.Customer acquisitions.Conversion rate (subscribing,... [...]