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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Archive for the 'Twitter Advertising' Category

Twitter Ads For Content: How We Increased Our CTR By 226% [Video]

Advertising on Twitter is one of the ways you can enhance your reach to the social media population on the Twitter network. By exploring different ad formats, you can make sure to get the desired ROI. Ahrefs’ Joshua Hardwick has published a new video to help you learn rightly use the Twitter ad for content. Hardwick says, “Higher ads CTR – who wouldn’t want that? If you think that improving CTR by 10-20% is a big deal – you’re right. In fact, you’ll learn how we managed to improve our CTR by more than 200% in this video. It’s not magic, just pure human psychology.... [...]

Inboxr Automates Your Facebook & Twitter Inboxes #ad

If your email open rate isn’t what it used to be, consider Inboxr, which directly uses people’s social communications and bypasses the email roadblock. It’s very easy to set up Inboxr. After you have it running, it runs on its own. Once Inboxr is running it will continue to produce traffic and leads for you. It also converts them into paying customers automatically. Inboxr works with both Facebook and Twitter, but don’t delay, the price will rise after the launch special ends. Here’s why Inboxr should interest an online marketer: it allows you to completely automate... [...]

6 Things you should know about Twitter Promote Mode

Twitter has recently made available its $99 a month Promote Mode plan for the advertisers. It is important for marketers to decide whether to go for it. Econsultancy columnist Patricio Robles has shared six things on how Twitter Promote Mode can be useful to SME marketers. Robles says, “Twitter has unveiled a new ad offering dubbed Promote Mode that aims to help SME marketers advertise on Twitter. Here’s what SME marketers need to know about Promote Mode, which is currently in public beta. It automates the “amplification” of tweets Promote Mode is a new way for SME marketers... [...]

Twitter avails $99 a month Promote Mode

Twitter has made available its $99 a month Promote Mode in public beta. According to Twitter, Promote Mode works best for people who are promoting their brand or product and want an automated, always-on advertising solution. Twitter’s Promote Mode automates promotion of your Tweets and your account for a monthly fee. This gives advertisers freedom from managing individual Twitter Ads campaigns themselves. Talking about the Promote Mode, TechChrunch columnist Sarah Perez says, “The new program also includes analytics, so subscribers can track the impact of their promoted tweets. Through... [...]

Twitter’s new $99 a month subscription-style ad program

Twitter developed a way for its users to grow their following and extend their Tweets’ reach to more people without creating ads or managing campaigns. The company is charging $99 a month for this new ad solution. Marketing Land’s Tim Peterson says, “The invite-only Twitter Subscription Ads Beta Program appears to be aimed at smaller advertisers that use Twitter’s self-serve ad-buying tools but may be interested in handing over the reins to Twitter in order to focus on managing the rest of their businesses. It could also appeal to individuals looking to grow their Twitter followings”. Twitter’s... [...]

Twitter Launches Direct Message Card Feature for Advertisers

Marketing Land and The Verge have reported the launch of Twitter’s Direct Message Card feature for advertisers. This feature will help businesses to prompt users to click on an automated reply button. According to Twitter, with Direct Message Cards, businesses can capture people’s attention with engaging image or video feature four call-to-action buttons. Marketing Land’s Tim Peterson says, “Twitter’s Direct Message Cards are supposed to push a private conversation past the awkward small-talk stage. In that way, they are similar to Twitter’s welcome messages and... [...]