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Monday, August 3, 2020

Archive for the 'Top Stories' Category

Kerry Russell, Paul Teague, and Stephanie Mulac have opened “The Ultimate Social Media Giveaway”

Giveaway events are a frequent tool used by online marketers to build their e-mail lists. The visitors to the event select gifts they are interested in and opt in to a gift contributor’s mailing list in return for receiving the gift. The gift givers get possible customers for future products.A current example is The Ultimate Social Media Giveaway. For three weeks, the organizers have arranged for other marketing trainers to offer gifts to interested marketers and people who want to be marketers. The gifts include e-books, videos, software and other materials and services that show how... [...]

The Art And Science Of The Email Signature

Kat Neville’s recent article on addresses the ways marketing communicators can improve their customer connections by improving their signature blocks in their emails.“Email signatures contain alternative contact details, pertinent job titles and company names, which help the recipient get in touch when emails are not responded to. Sometimes, they give the recipient an idea of who wrote the email in case it has been a while since they have been in touch. They are also professional: like a letterhead, they show that you run a business (in some countries, you’re... [...]

‘TV Examples To Boost Your Video Infomercial Conversion Rates’ Jay Douglas’ Article

Jay Douglas’ latest article is titled “TV Examples You Can Use to Boost Your Video Infomercial Conversion Rates”. [Article Reprint] […] [...]

RSVP for Boston Affiliate Marketing Networking Roundtable Meetup on Jan 25

RSVP for Boston Affiliate Marketing Networking Roundtable Meetup is going to be in Burlington, MA on Thursday, January 25 at 2.30 pm. [Affiliate Meeting] […] [...]

‘Wizard for Map Search’ – Google AJAX Search API Blog

The latest ‘Google AJAX Search API Blog’ post is titled “Wizard for Map Search”. […] [...]