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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Archive for the 'Social Media Copywriting Tips' Category

SmartWriterr: AI Software that generates ‘Hypnotic’ Sales Copy #ad

It has been said that 63% of marketers and business owners fail because their sales page copy doesn’t convert prospects into leads. That seems reasonable, although I haven’t found any corroboration. Whatever the exact percent is, sales pages are at the heart of online selling. They need to be done well to get the maximum results. The two most popular ways of writing copy for sales pages for products and services: 1. Hire an Expensive Copywriter – you don’t know if they are good or bad at writing – the moment they are enrolled, they become a cost to you! 2. In-house Copywriting –... [...]

Alessandro Zamboni is giving away his guide to copywriting tips

Alessandro Zamboni is a successful online marketer who has taken the time to compile a collection of links to copywriting instruction, tips and resources. Initially, it was for his own benefit, but now he is giving a free copy to all interested marketers, as a way to build his audience for his future marketing training. We got a copy to evaluate and found it worthwhile. If you would like a copy, you can get it here: Copywriting Cheatsheet.  [...]

Improve your social media copywriting with these tips

Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared an article highlighting the ten brands that have projected great social media copywriting. Gilliland says, “When it comes to writing on behalf of a brand, social media tends to get a bad rap. Surely it’s all just GIF’s and silly one-liners – not half as hard as ad slogans or in-depth marketing copy? In reality, social media copywriting is not as easy it sounds. In fact, with a limited word count and countless trolls ready to bite back, some might call it a fine art. So, which brands do it best? Here’s a few examples that have... [...]

Social Media Copywriting Tips for 5 Different Channels

Today, Facebook has more than 1.13 billion daily active users 76% of them use their Facebook feed to find interesting content. Similar is the case with other social media platforms too. This creates a lucrative opportunity for the marketers. Writing a great copy can surely make marketers’ jobs easier as they could pursuade customers easily with it. HubSpot’s Amanda Zantal-Wiener has shared some useful tips on creating content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat. Wiener says, “Managing your brand’s social media presence is no simple task, but it’s more... [...]