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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Archive for the 'Small Business Marketing' Category

45% of small businesses still don’t have a website

The small business world is slowly catching up with the new digital reality: a business without a website is losing sales. But a poll by CNBC in conjunction with Survey Monkey reveals that there is still a large group of businesses that are hesitant to invest in a site.Barriers include fear of the expected high cost, a feeling that the process is too complicated for the average business person, and concern that the investment won’t pay off.Website building software(such as WordPress) and hosting providers (such as Wix) with special site building tools are making it easier for business owners... [...]

MOZ’s three empowering small business tips

MOZ contributor Miriaml Ellis has shared three empowering small business tips for 2019 and the coming years.  The tips are focused on Small Business Saturday.Ellis says, “If your community is already participating in Small Business Saturday, try these techniques to enhance your success on the big day:1. Give an extra reason to shop with youThis can be as simple as giving customers a small discount or a small free gift with their purchase, or as far-reaching as donating part of the proceeds of the day’s sales to a worthy local cause. Give customers a reason to feel extra good that they... [...]

Your Go-To Small Business Marketing Guide for 2019 [Podcast]

The Buffer team has published a new podcast episode titled ‘Your Go-To Small Business Marketing Guide for 2019’ in collaboration with Mailchimp, Square, and WooCommerce.Brian Peters says, “According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, an incredible two-thirds of small business owners and entrepreneurs (66%) are personally responsible for three or more areas of their business, including marketing.From email and social media campaigns to pricing, branding, and strategy, it can be a challenge for many small business owners to excel at marketing while also focusing on... [...]

Entrepreneur Mag shares 7 ingredients of small business success online

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Suhaib Mohammed has shared 7 ingredients of small business success online. The article focuses the importance of passion, customer service and attitude.Mohammed says, “In the time since I began building my content marketing business online, I’ve noticed some mindsets, traits, and abilities that make the difference between businesses that want to accelerate their sales, make a profit, and survive, and businesses that want to sell more and increase their ROI but don’t seem to have the ability to do so.Based on my observations, here are the seven... [...]