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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Archive for the 'SEO myths' Category

SEO and Content Curation

Winning the favor of search engines is always a good thing. When people search for content in your niche, being found high in the results is always a benefit for your site. As much as you like return traffic from people who already know and love your site, attracting new visitors is necessary to replace those who inevitably lose interest.The other factor, of course, is creating content on your site that people find helpful and that search engines find to be worth sharing with their users. Such content goes a long way in winning those coveted high rankings in search engine results.So far, so good.... [...]

Do you know about these SEO myths

Search engine optimization is the core task for all marketers. Today search engines bring most of the business to brands as people consult Google, Yahoo and Bing before making a purchase decision.Apart from just knowing the SEO techniques it is also important to know about the SEO myths that prevail around.Entrepreneur contributor Jason Parks has listed five most common SEO myths.Jason says, “My job is to teach prospective clients about what actually moves the needle from an SEO perspective and to erase the theories from their minds that will have very little benefit to their business.Myth... [...]