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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Archive for the 'Sales Process Effectiveness' Category

HubSpot’s Guide to Creating a Sales Process

HubSpot has published a free guide to creating a sales process. According to HubSpot, sales process  is a repeatable set of steps the sales team takes with a prospect to move them from early stage to a closed customer. Cambria Davies says, “Building a repeatable, scalable sales process is tough. There’s no shortage of diagrams, methodologies, or experts with opinions on exactly how you should be doing things. So where should you start? Right here. We’ve pulled together an introduction to all things “sales process” to help you get started down the road toward defining what your... [...]

3-Step process to measure sales process effectiveness

Sales process effectiveness can be achieved through right strategies, technologies, and enablers companies leverage to improve sales performance. Sales training, marketing and sales alignment also play an important role in the sales process. HubSpot’s Aja Frost has shared a three-stage process to achieve sales process effectiveness. On opp to close rate, Frost says, “How many of your legitimate sales opportunities become paying customers? This percentage varies by industry. According to HubSpot’s analysis of 8,900 companies across 28 industries, the average close rate for hospitality... [...]