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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Archive for the 'RSS' Category

How to create celebrity status traffic without writing a word #ad

Social media can be a business building tool for marketers (both online and offline). But you need to get people’s attention and hold it over the long term to profit well from social media. If you want to be liked, shared, and followed when you post social media content, you need to be strategic abut “priming the pump.” First and foremost, you need relevant, timely, and occasionally controversial content that your viewers will be attracted to. Would you like to discover the secret of making your content go viral? Would you like it to happen on “Auto-Pilot”? Then consider the... [...]

‘How the Feed Changed the Way We Consume Content’ – ‘Mashable’

The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “How the Feed Changed the Way We Consume Content”. Rebecca Hiscott says, “The RSS feed — or as we now know it, “the feed” — organizes the world into a series of neat, clickable, constantly updating bits of information. But it’s a relatively new concept — just 10 short years ago, there was no way to know what a public figure such as Justin Bieber was thinking in real time.The feed now dominates online content consumption, from the news we read on our mobile devices to the social networks we check constantly throughout... [...]

RSS for Marketing: An Explanation Of Real Simple Syndication

Adam Short has created a useful summary of Real Simple Syndication (“RSS”) that will help you understand how RSS can be used to improve your marketing. His explanation is broken into two parts. This post relates to part 1. As Short points out, RSS is a great way to reach potential customers without some of the limitations that other marketing techniques face. The types of information you can market using RSS are almost limitless. For example, you can share articles, blogs, photos, video, and text documents, interact with social sites, deliver RSS feeds to email applications, increase... [...]