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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Archive for the 'Review Marketing' Category

Using online reviews to boost your marketing efforts

Online reviews play a vital role in the online marketing and promotions. Many research works suggest that most online customers trust online reviews. Entrepreneur writer Dan Scalco has published an article sharing six ways to use online reviews in marketing. Scalco says, “While reviews are (almost always) inherently helpful for improving sales, the way you approach them can influence their conversion-boosting potential. Here’s how to make online reviews really work for your business. 1. Emphasize quality. To be truly effective, reviews should go above and beyond star ratings. Customers... [...]

Camera Cash Crescendo: The Amazon affiliate’s answer #ad

Mike McKay is back with another of his famous Amazon affiliate marketing kits. This time it’s for cameras and he calls it Camera Cash Crescendo. Every Amazon affiliate needs quality content on their website to attract customers. Reviews of recent products are a prime example of content that people are searching for, content that will bring people to your site. McKay includes enough content that you might even build 2 sites without a lot of overlap. In this bundle, you get content for your site, content for emails, content to give away and content you could sell. The digital camera niche is... [...]

EZ Review WordPress Plugin: beautiful responsive product review boxes #ad

If you are building an Amazon product review site as an Amazon affiliate, EZ Review WordPress Plugin can get your reviews onto the site in just minutes, 5 minutes according to the developer. You can choose from a wide array of background and text colors for your review boxes to blend in with your site style. You can pull images, review data and star-ratings from Amazon to build credibility for the information you present. The added benefit is you will have rich snippets for your listing is Amazon searches. Place a widget on your sidebar or in your footer, to show the most recent reviews you have... [...]

NY Times reports Amazon on lookout for promotional reviews

Authors and other product creators are known to sometimes invite friends and family to post favorable reviews in order to spur sales. It sometimes works, but it also skews the intregity of Amazon’s review system. One woman, whose reviews are virtually positive and who has written over 25,000 reviews, is suspected of being a paid reviewer. Having reviews that are trustworthy is one of the selling points Amazon offers to buyers, so biassed reviews are damaging its reputation for transparent, honest reviews that help in making a buying decision. So it is attempting to filter out reviews that... [...]