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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Archive for the 'Revenue Driven Metrics' Category

Learn how to increase your average revenue per customer

ROI is a major performance indicator that indicates the profitability of an expenditure of your business. It helps you measure the success of your business strategies over the time. It is important to keep an eye on the revenue you generate from the customers. Entrepreneur columnist Jacob Montreal has shared three strategies to increase your average revenue per customer. Montreal says, “Here are some easy but effective ways to maximize the amount of revenue you can get from each of your existing customers without limiting your options for winning over new ones. 1. Increase your average transaction... [...]

Research: Marketers should Embrace Revenue Driven Metrics

Forrester has published a new report ‘Collaborate With Finance To Prove Marketing’s Business Value‘ outlining  current state of the marketing and finance relationship. In her blog post, Tina Moffett advises marketers to become financially savvy. Muffett says, “Marketers must be held to a rigorous performance standard, where they’re measuring the financial impact of their digital, mobile, and direct marketing efforts. First, Marketers must become financially savvy.  But it’s not in their DNA, right?  Well, they need to change thier mindset. They... [...]