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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Archive for the 'Referral-Marketing' Category

Read This Before You Start a Referral Partnership

Referral partnership is all about collaborating with a company or an individual for getting prospective leads to your website via their website, blog, Web page, group, email or through any other Internet-based link-sharing method. HubSpot author Bill Cates has shared a 10-point checklist that is intended to guide marketers on starting a successful referral partnership. Cates says, “Hopefully, you have already realized that a great Referral Partner can be worth a lot more to your business then any one client. My question for you is, “Do you have a clearly laid out plan — and are... [...]

Viral Payment Software for quality viral traffic #ad

The best traffic you can get is when someone comes to your site because a friend recommended it. This is called referral traffic, and it’s been used for centuries, whenever someone has been happy with the work of a business and suggests their friend also take a look. There’s new software, known as Viral Payment Software, you can use on your websites to bring in referral traffic to your sites. Now, viral traffic can be easy for you, and it’s all free. Every website owner knows what their biggest problem is. It’s traffic. But that traffic needs to be: ■ Free (especially... [...]

‘The Do’s and Don’ts of an Effective Referral-Marketing Program’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Jeffrey D. Epstein says, “In many businesses, referrals are viewed as an organic byproduct of the company successfully doing its job. If you exceed customer expectations, it’s natural to assume they’ll return the favor by singing your praises to their networks. If you blow them away with world-class customer service, you can expect a flood of social-media goodwill. But here’s the problem with those assumptions: While referrals do happen organically, they’re never a given — even if a customer loves your products and services. In fact, a Texas Tech University study found that... [...]