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Monday, August 10, 2020

Archive for the 'QR Codes' Category

Jimmy Reilly gives away QR software ad#

For a limited time, Jimmy Reilly is giving away his Light-weight QR Plugin. It creates QR codes with links to any page on your site. There’s no charge; it’s a gift.We don’t know why he is giving away this plugin, but we felt a duty to you to let you know.Features built into this plugin:• Quickly create a QR code by adding “/format/qr” to any URL on your site• Adjust the size of the QR codes from 25 pixels to 500 pixels• Add tracking IDs to track individual codes• Light-weight QR Plugin is released under GPL (which means you have full developer... [...]

QR Code Mastery: position yourself as a mobile marketing guru #ad

Shelley Owens is a business journalist and public speaker. Her specialty is business stories, particularly stories of value to small businesses. In the course of her long career, she has had many opportunities to speak and write for major audiences.Now, in her new product, she is turning her attention to online marketing for local businesses.She has written QR Code Mastery, a guide for consultants to offline businesses, showing them how to position themselves as the local expert on the topic of mobile marketing.Of course, there’s more to mobile marketing than QR codes, but they are a growing... [...]

InstantQR creates customized QR codes in just minutes #ad

You’ve seen QR codes; they’re becoming more and more visible all around the net and all around town. They are those square barcodes that have little blocks in three corners. But have you ever seen them with a picture of a Christmas tree or some othr logo in the middle? Or in multi-color ink?You can do all this without a big learning curve or difficult software with a web-based solution, InstantQR.As a member of this website, you can drag and drop any graphic or logo onto your QR code. You can customize colors and placement of the code. Besides this customization, you have good storage... [...]

QR Redirect Machine WordPress Plugin #ad

You’ve probably seen (and maybe you have bought) software the generates QR codes. But Mark Sandquist has just released a unique piece of code. It builds your consulting business while it creates QR codes fo you or your clients that can have a variable URL destination.Most QR codes have a fixed destination, hard-coded into the code. But with Sandquist’s QR Redirect Machine WordPress Plugin adds value to QR generation. Instead of sending visitors directly to the intended destination, it sends them to your server, and code on your server re-directs the visitor to their intended destination.... [...]