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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Archive for the 'Product Reviews' Category

’11 inventive ways to use reviews beyond the product page’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

The latest ‘Econsultancy’ blog post is titled “11 inventive ways to use reviews beyond the product page”. Graham Charlton says, “Consumer reviews don’t have to be used only on product pages. We know they can be very effective there, so why not try them out in different settings? Here I’ve rounded up 11 examples of reviews used in clever and innovative ways. Some online, some offline”. 11 inventive ways to use reviews beyond the product page ‘Econsultancy’ Blog  [...]

The Proving Ground: Online Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

IM NewsWatch has taken The Online Marketer’s Toolbox to The Proving Ground. This a report of our findings. The author, Forrest Smyth has spent quite a while writing and, now, revising and updating, Online Entrepreneur’s Toolbox. This is a 30-page review of many tools and services (including many free ones) that are aids for online marketers. His review is, of course, based on his own experience. This has the value of being first-hand knowledge. It also has the limitation of being first-hand knowledge. He didn’t have the resources to, and doesn’t claim to, do a large-scale,... [...]

‘Five ways to handle negative online reviews’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

The latest ‘Econsultancy’ blog post is titled “Five ways to handle negative online reviews”. Jan Vels Jensen says, “Many businesses have shied away from getting involved with online reviews because of the fear that bad reviews will ruin their business. But it’s just not true. Everyone knows that no business is perfect and that sometimes things can go wrong. So across-the-board five star reviews should always be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s inevitable that someday, someone, somewhere will have been less than ecstatic about the company they bought from“. Five... [...]

‘Using Customer Reviews to Drive Sales’ – Web Marketing Today

The latest ‘Web Marketing Today’ blog post is titled “Using Customer Reviews to Drive Sales”. Micah Buchdahl says, “I recently attended the VIP pre-opening dinner for an upscale restaurant near my home. Estia Taverna, a Greek restaurant in New Jersey, rolled out the red carpet for a variety of “influencers” in the area. I was one of them. Besides sounding obnoxious, what makes me so darn important, you may ask? Estia Taverna might suggest you ask OpenTable, one of the most widely used websites and applications in my household. Was it that they know my wife and I dine at fine restaurants... [...]

Proving Ground Review: Income Blast Off

Being a consultant to offline businesses that want to advertise online can be lucrative, but it also can be frustrating. If you try to compete on low price for your consulting services, you will almost certainly become frustrated. Usually, there will be someone willing to undercut your price. Even if that doesn’t happen and your low price wins you the bid, you will probably find that the job is worth a lot more than you charged, and you will resent having to do the work for such a low fee. How can you avoid that predicament of always chasing clients that are looking for the cheapest solution... [...]

Proving Ground Review: Social Weaponizer

This is a 23 page report, available here: Social Weaponizer. In light of the current importance of social media in search engine rankings, it discusses how to use a particular social media site for backlinks to your “money site” or to an affiliate offer. The heart of the training is the revelation of the site name. It’s a site we had heard of, but had not paid much attention to. Perhaps, that was a mistake. It does seem to have significant marketing value in many situations. Besides the site name (which is hardly enough to justify the price), there are several tips included... [...]

Google Analytics Training Guide Released

The Tool No One Knows. We all have heard of Google Analytics, but most of us know only the name, or at most a few high-level statistics we can view. This is a real Google secret weapon for webmasters. If we take advantage of all it can do to provide us with actionable information, we can tune up our sites and make them far more productive for us. With this powerful free tool, a world of information about our visitors is available to us. You can find out how the visitors arrived at your site, for example; search engine? typing in your URL? Clicking a link on some other site? Google knows and... [...]

Proving Ground Review: New Trust Seal Available, Trust Establisher

Trust Establisher is, from an end user perspetive, a trust seal similar to those provided by Verisign, TrustE, Better Business Bureau, HonestE and many others. Justin Mandel, the creator of Trust Establisher, is entering a marketplace that is already crowded and may have difficulty getting traction. As with all trust seals, it is intended to supply an third-party endorsement for your site. However, this seal has benefits beyond those provided by most others. It provides additional social proof of the trustworthiness of the merchant, described below, and this proof can be continually updated as... [...]

The Proving Ground looks at “Google Resurrection”

The author of Google Resurrection had the misfortune of having his profitable site,, de-indexed by Google in February, 2011. As a result, his income dropped dramatically. Google Resurrection is the story of how he was able to regain his ranking in Google’s search results. Google Resurrection is a 47 page e-book that goes into detail about what we can know of how Google operates and how we can stay within the guidelines (sometimes, unpublished, but deducible from Google’s actions) and either avoid a “slap” from Google or recover from one. The... [...]

Review of YouTube Affiliate Domination

This is a 36-page e-book by two marketers who identify themselves only as “Art and Larry.” As is usual with such products, it is printed in large print. I always print PDFs like this “2-up” (that is, two logical pages side-by-side on a single physical page in landscape layout which cuts paper and ink usage in half without loss of readability, because the print is so big.) They divide their training into five sections:* How to place your affiliate link on other people’s videos* How to Find winners on YouTube* How to cloak the ugly affiliate link* Ways to get traffic... [...]