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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Archive for the 'Product Launches' Category

Final call for 60 Minute Warrior training to make PLR productive #ad

This is your final final call for 60 Minute Warrior, the training you need to turn PLR into a product and a funnel of your own that you can sell on WarriorPlus. If you choose quality PLR products and follow these instructions, you can have your own quality product ready to sell lickety-split. (Is that a real word? We grew up saying it.) As of this writing, you still have a few hours remaining to grab this great deal during launch week. You can make it if you don’t delay. In 60 Minute Warrior you will discover how to take a PLR product, edit the content, change the graphics, structure your... [...]

60 Minute Warrior: how to use PLR to launch your product #ad

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson have just launched 60 Minute Warrior, which they describe as “how to create a complete sales funnel and have it ready for sale on the Warrior+ platform in under 60 minutes”. With this step by step training, you will be able to turn any reseller product or Private Label Rights product product of your own and then load it onto the WarriorPlus affiliate platform in record time. There you can sell it to your own customers and offer eager affiliates the chance to earn a commission by selling it for you. Once you have discovered the process, you can do it... [...]

How to Successfully Launch and Market an App

The mobile app industry is a lucrative one – it’s expected to generate $935 billion in revenue by 2023. On the one hand, this is great news because the popularity of mobile apps has been, and will continue to be, growing steadily, while on the other hand, this means that you’ll have to distinguish yourself from the pack and find your own place in the sun. Stats say that there are more than 3 million apps in the Google Play Store, while the Apple App Store houses more than 1.8 million apps. It’s obvious that you’ll have to deal with fierce competition. The quality... [...]

Don’t Wait to Launch Until Your Product Is Perfect [Video]

Product launching is as important and a serious thing as the product creation. The success of a product depends a lot on the way it is being introduced to the market. The Entrepreneur magazine team has published a video featuring Laura Evarts on ‘Don’t Wait to Launch Until Your Product Is Perfect’. Entrepreneur team says, “In this video from Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars, Lauren Evarts, creator of The Skinny Confidential, talks about how entrepreneurs often let perfectionism get in the way. Evarts says in the video she wishes she launched The Skinny... [...]

Eight tips to make your B2B product launch successful

Product launch leads you to the doors of the market but the bigger challenge is to get your product accepted. Business 2 Community columnist Wendy Marx has shared eight expert tips to help marketers make their B2B product launch successful. Marx says, “We’ve collected our top 8 secrets to take your product launch strategy from standard to exceptional. 8 Expert Secrets to a Knockout B2B Product Launch 1. Approach It Strategically The worst thing you can do when launching a new product is to wing it. Don’t leave any part of your product launch to chance. Instead, create a strategy... [...]

The Pro Marketer’s Product Launch Checklist for 2018 [MOZ Video]

MOZ has published the Whiteboard Friday video featuring Rand Fishkin on ‘The Pro Marketer’s Product Launch Checklist for 2018’. The MOZ team says, “What goes into a truly exceptional product launch? To give your new product a feature the best chance at success, it’s important to wrangle all the many moving pieces involved in pulling off a seamless marketing launch. From listing audience members and influencers to having the right success metrics to having a rollback plan, Rand shares his best advice in the form of an actionable checklist in this Whiteboard... [...]

Six strategies to run a test befor product launch

A successful product launch matters a lot in raising the value of your brand and product. All companies have their own ways to test the products before the launches. MOZ columnist Chris Dayley has published a blog post sharing some effective testing ideas for the product launches. On launching a test Dayley says, “The good news is, after running thousands of tests for websites in almost every industry you can imagine, we’ve created a simple way to quickly identify the most important areas of opportunity on your site or landing page. We call this approach the “launch analysis”. Why?... [...]

Product Creation without Marketing Strategy = Failure #ad

If you are creating (or planning to create) a software package, training manual or training video, that can be a profitable undertaking. But only if you can sell it. Many developers know their technical stuff, but are a little unclear how to bring their product to market profitably. Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of any business. If you don’t sell your products, you go out of business; it’s that simple. Only a few people get this right. So only a few product launches make a profit, after paying all the expenses. Sam Bakker is a serial product launcher, and each time he sells... [...]

Disruption Failures

If, as we said in our last post, positive disruption is the path to success, attempted disruption based on small ideas that don’t really disrupt form the path to failure. There are a lot of areas where disruption has already occurred so effectively that extreme creativity and a lot of money are needed to come up with something reallt new. Most new products in these areas are not very new; they are just minor improvements on what was already available. If you want do make an impact with your novel ideas, there are better places to start. There’s a recent (well, not very recent, but... [...]

Have an idea for an information product? Maximize your success #ad

You have some expertise. You can record it in a video, an e-book or a combination, and sell it to interested people. But if you have never launched a product before, you may feel a little overwhelmed. It would be good to have a guide who has been through it all before, many times, to show you the way. Kevin Fahey is the author of many information products, primarily in the online marketing niche. He has recorded a new product, IM Product Launching 2.0, that leads you step-by-step through the process of launching a successful product. There is no such thing as a push-button system that will have... [...]