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Friday, January 22, 2021

Archive for the 'Privacy Policy Tips' Category

Instant Software Brander Bundle: you could (but shouldn’t) buy it from us #ad

We bought a license to sell Instant Software Brander Bundle software. If you want to buy it from us, we will sell it to you. But that would be a mistake for you because we can only sell personal use rights to the 7 applications. If you buy it from Eric Holmlund and his team, the creators, you can get PLR rights, which are so much better. Instant Software Brander Bundle is a software branding system that lets you change the personality of 7 of their application programs to be your own. They include a rebrander that easily lets you put your brand on these programs before you sell them. They are... [...]

Basics of preparing a privacy policy in 2017

Every website doing a business needs a privacy policy. One needs to be very cautious and careful while crafting a clear privacy policy. HubSpot’s Lars Osterberg has published an article on preparing a privacy policy for 2017. Osterberg says, “Ultimately, privacy policies provide a safeguard for both you and your visitors. If you’re collecting data from visitors or users, it’s recommended to tell them what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and how it’s being safeguarded. The privacy policy serves as a declaration to visitors and customers what you’re doing with their data. When... [...]