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Friday, April 23, 2021

Archive for the 'Pop-up Software' Category

Instantly Monetize Every New Lead (discount available) #ad

Warlord Optin Elite was just released. This software can simplify your business by making an offer to everyone who opts in on your website. Every time someone taps the Warlord Optin Elite button on your site to opt in, you can then send them directly to any website of your choice. It could be a paid offer (even one that leads into an entire sales funnel), or an affiliate product, or your blog or homepage; wherever you choose. Since these people have already shown an interest in your products and services by opting in, they are the ones most likely to find they related products and services interesting.... [...]

All-In-One Tracking, Conversion & Analytics Tool #ad

You don’t have to settle for meager profits due to low sales. You can increase your conversions with a bit of work and some new software just released by Dr. Amit Pareek, a suite of tools he calls IM Conversions. For example, a craft blogger got a 1,375% increase in optins when she started using the same technology Dr. Pareek has included in IM Conversions. This new software is rightly called an “All-In-One Tracking, Conversion & Analytics Tool”. When you put it to work on your sites, Pareek reports that it will get you: • More Leads • More Sales • More... [...]

“EZ Popups” Turns Website Visitors into Buyers #ad

Don’t let your website traffic go to waste. Making sales is the ultimate reason for driving traffic to your site. No sales means wasted traffic. Sean Donahoe has just released his new software, EZ Popups, which grabs visitors attention and coaxes more of them to engage with your offer, It’s simple to use. Donahoe reports that it takes about 3 minutes to set it up. Once it is running on your site, look what it can do for you: • An on-Site Retargeting Engine is included. • It includes a selection of different popup designs and Different Pages (over 50 High Converting Templates... [...]

Engagifire: all-in-one tool for improving conversions & profits #ad

Every year software gets more advanced. This year is no exception; the year’s most advanced popup creator (so far) will go on early bird sale at 10 AM EDT (but the price will rise so don’t delay). It’s called Engagifire. The creators say that it can stop your website from losing 70% of its traffic. That’s because on average 70% of your visitors leave without taking action, and this new software can re-engage them to stop them from leaving. You know that getting your website traffic to stay long enough to become subscribers and buyers is critical for your success. This new software lets... [...]

Create powerful pop ups with push button simplicity #ad

You probably know that people leave your website without taking action ( filling out your survey, consuming and sharing your content, subscribing to your newsletter or buying your product). In fact, most of your visitors fail to take action. Inertia keeps them moving, without stopping to think deeply about what you are offering. Three experienced marketers (Sean Donahoe, Bobby Walker and Sam Finlay) got tired of seeing most of their prospective followers and customers leave so they decided to do something about it. They created Stakk. This tool, being released today, may change the way you go about... [...]

Exit Splash Generation Software; Free software for more sales #ad

Barry Rodgers is giving away his Exit Splash Generation Software as a “getting to know you” gesture. He wants you to know him and appreciate the quality of his products. He assumes that if you like this one, you will eventually buy more from him. Rodgers has been mentioned in IM NewsWatch many times, most recently in the ad for his product Funnel Factory Pro #1. If you have (or especially, if you haven’t) invested in one of his products, this free offer is a golden opportunity to get to know him better. Exit Splash Generation Software captures people’s attention when they... [...]

Covert Conversations plugin harnesses the power of Skype #ad

There’s another Covert product by Cindy Battye, Soren Jordansen, and John Merrick. They are famous for marketing aids and tools, always named “Covert something”.<>/p> Their latest is Covert Conversations, They observed how popular (and how attention-getting) Skype messages are. Would it be possible, they mused, to capture that same attention-getting style in a marketing sales page? That’s how they created this new WordPress plugin, Covert Conversations. This plugin only takes one click to install and it is simple to use. When a visitor comes to your site, a pop-up... [...]

WpAdStopper plugin for ads that can’t be ignored #ad

Jay Venka originally created the WpAdStopper plugin. He conveyed resale rights to Ken Reno, who now is selling the plugin to other marketers. When someone lands on one of your pages, this plugin can show them an ad of your choice before they get to see your content. You can make a text ad, a graphic ad or even a video ad. You put whatever HTML in the ad you choose. You also place a link saying something like “Continue to your page” (again, you choose the wording) that lets them bypass your ad. So it works a lot like the ads on YouTube and on other major sites that show ads prior to... [...]

Popit WP Plugin: Eye-catching, elegant and animated Pop-ups #ad

Noah Whitmore was unhappy with the limitations of pop-up software for WordPress. The existing plugins didn’t work well with mobile devices and were restricted in what they could display. So he created his own pop-up builder, and he calls it: Popit Plugin. Here’s what it can do for you: • Instead of limiting you to a boring rectangle, it can pop up a balloon or thought bubble with your message • When the visitor hovers their mouse over your message, it becomes animated. • Besides text in the pop-up window, Popit Plugin supports a clickable image and video • It lets... [...]