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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Archive for the 'Outsourcing' Category

Free the Boss: Using virtual workers for almost everything #ad

Bill Guthrie’s latest training Free the Boss, goes live today, October 16, 2012. It tackles the often-misunderstood subject of outsourcing. Trying to do everything yourself will limit your potential. You aren’t skilled in all the things needed to grow your business, and you only have 24 hours in a day. For best results, your business needs more than you can provide on your own. The most economical way to fill in the gaps is with outsourcing. Guthrie’s new training will help you find the right people for the job and then manage them to improve your company productivity. Check... [...]

PinBiz- the Pinterest CPA System, a scalable passive income system #ad

Pinterest has the power to drive a lot of traffic wherever you want to send it. You just need to have interesting photos that attract people to your Pinterest board. Then nudge your visitors toward an offer for something you would like to sell. You don’t even need to do all the work on your Pinterest board, yourself. You can outsource a lot of it. JJ Alan has created PinBiz to show you how to take advantage of the power of Pinterest. There are many ways to earn money from Pinterest. Alan focuses on one of the most profitable, CPA. With the outsourcers to do most of the work and CPA to do... [...]

Buyer Arbitrage 1.0: save time, make more sales, make more money #ad

James Renouf just announced Buyer Arbitrage 1.0, software that lets you find eager customers looking for solutions. You provide their solution using outsourcing. Ken Reno says, “A guy/gal could make a FULL-TIME business using JUST this piece of software.” That’s an indication of the power of outsourcing combined with a good source of hot leads, like those provided by Buyer Arbitrage 1.0. This software allows you to connect people having marketing needs with people able to fill those needs. You’re the hero for putting them together. And you make a good income doing it. The... [...]

Outsourcing For Your Business, get more done at lower cost #ad

If you want to grow your business, you need helpers; you can’t keep doing it all yourself. But there are risks with outsourcing along with its advantages. A new book, Outsourcing For Your Business, can help you reap the benefits and bypass the problems. Planning your outsourcing in advance can save a lot of headaches. Outsourcing For Your Business helps you systematically deal with issues such as: • Deciding what parts of your business to outsource • Choosing the best candidates for doing your outsourced work • Building strong relationships with your workers • Tracking... [...]

GigScraper makes your outsourcing more productive #ad

Fiverr has revolutionized outsourcing for internet marketers. When you use Fiverr, others skilled in each of area of your business can do it for you for a tiny fee., is one of the lowest-cost outsourcing sites on the planet. Fiverr is not without problems, however, since you still have to search through the many people offering the service you need to find the best worker. Michael Nicholas created GigScraper to save you time and money when using Fiverr. GigScraper offers a shortcut to getting high-quality outsourcing done quickly, on a shoe string budget, while using Fiverr to find... [...]

Broke, Discouraged, But Uses Fiverr to Build Profitable Business #ad

It’s called How I went from broke to $3500, with 5 hours of work Build your own profitable business based on Fiverr’s outsourcing capabilities. Go here to learn more about Leveraging Fiverr Quickly  [...]

Boost Your Online Income with ‘The Fiverr Cookbook’ #ad

With Fiverr related marketing Cory Donatlan made $35,000 in just 5 months. In this book ‘The Fiverr Cookbook’, he shares his secrets to make more money using Fiverr. ‘The Fiverr Cookbook’ features the following: – 95-page PDF on Donatlan’s Fiverr secrets – 6 tried and tested recipes used to make more money with Fiverr – guidelines on how to guarantee success on Fiverr. If you want to build an income using Fiverr and its low-priced workers, go here: The Fiverr Cookbook  [...]

Do you make these outsourcing mistakes? #ad

– Do you fail to provide clear guidelines and standards? – Do you ignore the culture of the outsourcer, their national holidays, normal work hours, etc., that can affect the completion of your project? – Do you expect your outsourcer to do more than originally agreed, causing them to walk off the job? – Do you ignore the cost-of-living in the outsource country and attempt to find workers for a wage no one could accept? If you want to outsource your work, it’s important that you learn the truth about successful outsourcing before you go down the wrong path. Outsourcing... [...]

Work Less, Earn More through Outsourcing #ad

If you spend your days doing trivial stuff, you won’t earn much money. You need to focus on the critical items in your business and outsource the rest. Not only is this more profitable; it’s also more interesting. Simon Stanley has just announced his training on how to actually do that and not get hurt by poor outsourcing decisions. He calls it Ultimate Outsource Formula. For best results, you can outsource tasks like: – Content Creation – Design and graphics for your sites and products – Video and Multimedia – Customer Support Outsourcing doesn’t need... [...]

Your authoritative guide to outsourcing your business #ad

Champion Outsourcing lets you outsource your business with confidence. With this guide you will be prepared to: – Find top candidates – Avoid the pitfalls beginning outsourcers fall into – Reduce your manual labor and spend your time building your business while outsourcing the majority of the work This guide gives you a step-by-step process to qualify potential candidates so you don’t waste time and money hiring the wrong person. Learn all about Champion Outsourcing here.  [...]