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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Archive for the 'Online Marketing Metrics' Category

Improve Your Marketing with These Metrics

By analyzing your marketing performance you can learn about the changes you need to make in your marketing strategy and campaigns. Social Media Today’s Aleh Barysevich has shared a list of eight marketing metrics that can help you improve your marketing in 2020. Barysevich says, “These days, there’s a heap of performance measures you can keep tabs on, but in this post, I want to outline some of the most important metrics you should be tracking – and how they’ll help you improve your overall performance. 1. Leads Generating leads is one of the hardest and most important... [...]

6 Key marketing metrics you should know

Planning is the greatest thing you need to do for achieving success in your marketing. By observing successful campaigns and the way they were planned and executed you too can keep working to improve your campaigns. HubSpot columnist Sophia Bernazzani has shared six marketing metrics most CEOs are concerned about and the marketers too should be keeping an eye on. says, “Here are some metrics the HubSpot marketing team has found most useful over the years while growing our company and working with other members of senior leadership and our board. The 6 Marketing Metrics Your CEO Cares About... [...]