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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Archive for the 'Marketing Graphics for Sale' Category

Choose photos to evoke emotions in your marketing #ad

Experienced marketers know that when people’s emotions are engaged, their buying interest increases. That’s the reason behind SuoerGoodProduct‘s new collection of photos you can us on your website: Emotion Evoke Cloud Library Bundle. It includes tens of thousands of photos that have been carefully grouped into categories representing specific emotions. Indeed, there are over 200 categories, (that’s right, over 200 emotions) that you might want to use in your marketing. Boredom, fear, elation, grumpiness, happiness, and that’s just the beginning. There are about... [...]

Flexible Images: Use them anywhere #ad

Flexible Images Club is a cloud-based library of images that can be used in all your marketing presentations: flyers, reports, websites, videos, etc. Membership in this club give you access to tens of thousands of images with a “transparent background” that you can use in almost any project. “Transparent background” means that if you paste them into a graphic built up from other images, this image is not rectangular, overlaying a large part of the existing scene, Instead,they are professionally cut out removing all the background they originally had, so they can blend in... [...]

Graphic Facebook ads, ready to use (or sell) #ad

Facebook ads can be a beneficial marketing channel, but unless done well, they can be a big money pit, as well. (We know this from sad experience.) There’s a new package of colorful graphic ads for many niches that you can add your own link and headline to, and deploy them in moments, Facebook Ads Template Boss. This is a professional Done-For-You PLR collection which consists of 900+ Facebook Ads Templates that can be easily edited for your business or your client’s business using PowerPoint. The advantage of this collection (apart from the obvious advantages of the large size and... [...]

Boost your Marketing with 2018 Stock Images Pack #ad

Graphics can enhance the engagement of your visitors with your site, your social media or even your email. That’s long been true, and there’s no likelihood that it will ever change. But unless you are a graphic designer, yourself, adding graphics to your marketing can sometimes be expensive. But well-known designer Lucas Adamski is offing a collection of graphics that will boost your engagement wherever you use them. He calls them “Double Exposure Stock Images”. You can see them here: Double Exposure Stock Images. The images artfully overlay one image on another one, creating... [...]

New Graphics Spice up Online and Offline Marketing #ad

Lucas Adamski and his fellow graphic artist, Ugoo Carson have produced a new bundle of niche graphics for both online and offline niches. And to this niche-oriented package the have added a bundle of new Christmas graphics. They are offering these graphics in their package (they call it Graphixmas) to online marketers and marketing consultants who want to make professional marketing materials. Graphixmas includes graphics for web pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Pluse offline grahics for business cards, letterheads,and advertising novelties. There are a large number of Christmas... [...]

Fresh Vector Graphics for Social Media, Website & Video #ad

Graphics (professionally designed graphics, that is) can perk up any marketing. That’s true online (websites, blogs, etc. and off line (brochures, flyers, signage, etc.). Now a professional graphics designer, Lucas Adamski, is offering you over 1000 graphics in a wide variety of designs for a small investment, in Vector Ninja. As the name implies, these graphics are all in SVG vector format (plus, you also get PNG format), so that they can be enlarged or shrunk to meet your size needs. That’s important when you are designing a site or other marketing piece. You want just the right size... [...]

Graphics Universe: All-In-One Business Marketing Graphics #ad

The team at Astroblu has just released Graphics Universe, a huge collection of graphics, selections of graphics in many niches and useful for many purposes. In fact, there are about 110 different collections in this large package in total. You are getting things like: ■ 3D Box Mock-ups ■ Memes with viral quotes ■ Animated icons ■ Facebook covers ■ Banner Ads ■ and a lot more, over 780 graphics in all. Grab Graphics Universe now while the price is still so low. Astroblu is holding a grand opening sale now. After January 20th 12 PM EST the price will increase to $37. When you make this... [...]

[Brand New] Instant Ecovers In A Flash #ad

If you want to be an author, e-books are a good way to begin. The costs to publish an e-book are minimal. And the time to publication can be less than a week after you finish writing your book. One thing that will make an important difference in your sales is the cover you use. The cover is your advertisement. It tells your audience what your book is all about (both intellectually and emotionally) and gives them a reason to buy. Jeremiah Villagomez makes the task of creating a compelling cover much easier and quicker. He has released a collection of 40 covers (called : Ecover Genesis), both... [...]

40 beautiful covers for e-books; fire sale price #ad

Well-known graphic artist Jeremiah Villagomez just released a new set of his professional e-covers, a package he calls Ecover Genesis. You’ll get 40 premium graphic designs that Villagomez designed. They will make your ebooks, your PDFs, your reports, and your re-branded PLR products look like they are top quality. And the price can’t be beat. Some of the covers are specifically designed for fiction; others are ideal for non-fiction; some can be used for either. Paying a designer to create a cover for you is not cheap. It can cost from $97 to $297 to have a top-notch product cover... [...]

Videotocks: Hi-Res photos & videos for your sites and docs #ad

Fachrul Stream has gathered a large collection of brand new 1920×1080 stock footage backgrounds and HD photos into a package that he calls Videotocks, volume 2. • 400+ Full HD Stock Footage Clips • 200+ 4k Stock Images • 100+ Flash Transition • 35+ Royalty-free Background Music • And a lot more. Today, this is all available for a fire sale price. Tomorrow, he is saying the price will rise. You can still use the 15% off coupon (just type in videotocks15) when you check out to reduce the price even more. And to make it even better, IM NewsWatch has an agreement with... [...]