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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Archive for the 'Marketing Funnel Tips' Category

FunnelVio: Funnels in a flash, “point and click” easy #ad

Marketing funnels are key to the growth of any marketing business. You don’t want to sell a single product to a customer. You want to offer them a series of related products that build on their original purchase and make these additional offers at a time and in a sequence that makes sense for them.Less than 24 hours ago, FunnelVio was released to the public (i.e., the tribe of online marketers around the world), and it provides a significant boost to your funnel-building capabilities.This new funnel building tool creates individual landing pages if that’s all you need, but it also... [...]

Neil Napier shows how to build better marketing funnels 10 AM #ad

At 10 AM Wednesday, FunnelVio, game-changing Funnel Builder announced #adAt precisely at 10 AM EDT (3 PM UK time), Neil Napier will be leading a live training webinar to show you a few funnel building tricks.With what you discover on this webinar, you can:1. Create better funnels2. Generate more leads, and3. Sell more productsIf you haven’t already done so, make sure you go ahead and sign up here (and be there 10 minutes early, due to the limited sets available.)From everything we have seen so far, this webinar will fill up quickly because a lot of people are promoting this webinar. (Of... [...]

Entrepreneur’s guide to creating a marketing funnel to increase sales and profit

Your marketing should begin with a strategy to get more customers and keep them by offering a great product or service and backing this up with the customer service to make sure they get the full benefit from their purchase.By observing what successful marketers do to plan out their marketing agenda, you too can create a plan that ensures success. A part of that plan is to find a way to get repeat sales from your existing customers. Ideally, as their confidence in you increases, they would increase the size of their purchases over time.You accomplish this by offering more advanced (and, thus,... [...]