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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Legal and regulatory matters' Category

Is This The End of Email Marketing? How to Survive the GDPR Regulations [Video]

HubSpot team has published a new video dealing with the email marketing and GDPR regulations. The title of the video is “Is This The End of Email Marketing? How to Survive the GDPR Regulations”. We found this video on YouTube and have curated it for your convenience. Email is a topic close to the heart of any online marketer. But you may be wondering what GDPR is and whether you should care. We found this definition online “GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), agreed upon by the European Parliament and Council in April 2016,... [...]

E-commerce merchants fear effects of Supreme Court ruling

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court affirmed Colorado’s right to require online merchants to collect sales tax from Colorado residents who buy from them. Until now, buying online from a merchant located in anther state has required the buyer to pay sales tax directly to the state, rather than requiring the merchant to collect tax, in behalf of the state. States prefer the latter because individual payments directly to the state are a “hit or miss” proposition. The state can more easily hold a merchant accountable than it can hold thousands of individuals accountable. If other states... [...]

The FTC is coming after you: “Like” it and lose it

For a long time, now, the FTC has required marketers to inform their readers of any partiality (due to an affiliate relationship, for example) when they endorse a product. Well, they have decided their rules aren’t stringent enough. Now, they want to make sure you don’t “bribe” people to be your ambassadors, by giving a reward for an endorsement or, in what amounts to the same thing, by withholding something until they do endorse you. What constitutes an endorsement? Ah, that’s where they are enlarging the scope of their rules. They say that a “Like” on... [...]

Software creates web pages for legal compliance #ad

There are many government agencies that exist to assure the public isn’t harmed, scammed or cheted by shady online marketers. We honest marketers want to make sure the public, as well as these government agencies, know we are abiding by the regulations. It’s not enough that we don’t do anything illegal. We must also declare our intentions in print, for all the world to see. And to form a basis for our defense if someone accuses us of wrongdoing. This is a problem all online marketer face, but it is a special problem for those of us in the Make Money Online niche because if we... [...]

Is your website fully compliant with the law? #ad

You don’t want to get on the wrong side of the law. The regulators carry a very big stick. They can fine you, shut down your site and put you out of business for violating the law. You need compliance policies designed by a competent attorney to keep you safe. For some time now, Compliance Bar has been protecting sites around the world.. Today, until Noon PST, there is a sale that offers you its protection at a bargain price. • Compliance Bar will display links to your legal pages in the form of attractive icons that can be positioned anywhere on your page. • Compliance Bar can display... [...]

Instant Legal Pages: 9 required web pages to avoid legal trouble #ad

These days there are people (and some entire companies) surfing the web seeking money by “legally” stealing it from websites that don’t have proper legal documents published. They could claim you stole content from them. They could claim you are preying on children, etc. There are dozens of scams they can use, each of them potentially ruinous for you and your site. Not only that. Tthe government could also come after you for violating Federal Trade Commission regulations. Your bank account at risk. But even more, your entire company is at risk. If a hacker misuses your site to create... [...]

Regulatory Compliance is critical; New plugin makes it easy #ad

New Compliance bar Plugin by Anton Nadilo & Jon Shawcross makes it simple to comply so you avoid fines and penalties by the EU or the US. Online marketers have been sued by regulators more than a few times. One well-known case is FTC vs. Frank Kern. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) won a big suit against Kern, and it cost him a lot of money in penalties. (And the EU regulators can be just as punitive.) You don’t want to be next. So ask yourself this question, “Do my websites have all the same obvious disclosures, notices, and disclaimers? ” Well, what’s obvious... [...]

Compliance Bar: Get the right legal pages for your site #ad

Anton Nadilo & Jon Shawcross are releasing a new WordPress plugin, called Compliance Bar, to add the needed legal (disclaimers, terms of service, privacy, etc.) pages to your website easily and quickly. This new plugin goes live at 11 AM EDT today. It lets you quickly & easily assure that your business has a regulatory compliance safety net. Now, with just a few clicks of a button, you can make sure you that you have your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, the EU Cookie Law, all Disclosures, and more properly installed on your site. Compliance Bar makes sure that every single legal requirement... [...]

New European Union EU Cookie law places your website at risk of fines #ad

Effective 26 may, 2012, the EU cookie law requires all websites visited by European citizens to provide these citizens with a notice if cookies are saved on the visitor’s computer by the site. If you save visitor preferences so their next visit will show them a more targeted view of your site, you use cookies. Your site likely places cookies, even if you don’t know about it. For example, is you use Google Analytics, you place cookies on the visitor’s computer. If you have Facebook buttons or other social media buttons, cookies are also used. Advertisements often place cookies,... [...]