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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Archive for the 'YouTube Advertising' Category

A Quick Guide to YouTube Advertising for Beginners

Social Media Examiner has published ‘A Quick Guide to YouTube Advertising for Beginners’ to help you make the most of your YouTube advertising campaigns. Lisa D. Jenkins says, “Do you want to use YouTube to advertise your products or services? Looking for a quick beginner’s guide to YouTube ads? In this article, you’ll learn how to quickly set up and connect a YouTube channel and Google Ads Manager account to run ads for your business on YouTube. #1: Set Up Your YouTube Channel Whether you want to market your business or dive into the world of YouTube ads to earn like the... [...]

Complete YouTube Ads Strategy to Grow Your Channel [Video]

YouTube has created a valuable opportunity for marketers to get their brands and organizations discovered and to connect via video. Ahrefs has published a new video ‘Complete YouTube Ads Strategy to Grow Your Channel’ to help you improve your YouTube marketing performance. In this video, you’ll learn how to use YouTube ads to grow your YouTube channel and business. Ahrefs  [...]

Complete YouTube Ads Strategy to Grow Your Channel [Video]

Growing a YouTube channel requires quality video content filled with the content that your viewers are looking for. Ahrefs has published a new video to help you get more viewers to your YouTube channel. In this video, you’ll learn how to use YouTube ads to grow your YouTube channel and business Ahrefs  [...]

Improving YouTube Video Ads with Extensions

Google has launched different extensions to help advertisers make their video ads more relevant. Google Ads team has announced that video ads can be improved with call-to-action extensions and Sitelink extensions. Google Ads team says, “To help you hit your business goals, we’re improving interactivity on YouTube with new extensions that make it easy for your customers to take action. Building off of our popular extensions on Search, extensions on YouTube give viewers useful and actionable information like store location, interest forms and additional calls-to-action.... [...]

Facebook ads and YouTube ads: how to use them together [video]

We know that its a great idea to publish our ads on Facebook and YouTube as both networks offer a wide reach for promotion of our products. But how much better it could be if we could advertise on both the platforms with single campaign? Social Media Examiner’s Travis Chambers has published a new video to explain this. SME team says, “Are you wondering how YouTube ads can work with Facebook ads to help you sell? Watch as video ads expert Travis Chambers shows you how marketers can benefit from using Facebook and YouTube ads in a single campaign. You’ll discover why and how your... [...]

TubeTarget software escalates ad results on YouTube #ad

Since the first of June, we have been telling you about TubeTarget, a new SaaS service from Cyril Gupta. If you have only had so-so results with your ad campaigns, you might want to look at Gupta’s new tool. It is aimed specifically at smart ad placement on YouTube. It lets you find popular YouTube videos and video channels that are “monetized” (meaning, you can pay to place an ad there) in your niche so you can place your ads on them. With the laser-like targeting and demographics provided by TubeTarget, all you have to do is enter the keywords and relevant search terms your... [...]

Five YouTube Advertising Questions Answered

The Marketing Land contributor Joe Martinez has answered five questions related to the YouTube advertising. Read the answers to improve your advertising efforts. Martinez says, “I never hide my love of YouTube ads. It’s my favorite channel to use to run paid campaigns because it’s a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and also drive user action. Whether I’m pitching the channel to a client or already running campaigns, I seem to come across the same set of questions about YouTube ads. I wanted to use this post to address the questions I typically see to help you easily answer... [...]

Quality traffic at less than 3 cents a click #ad

YouTube is becoming a leading ad platform for online marketers. Facebook had better start worrying. The key to successful ads on YouTube is getting the ads in front of likely buyers. That’s how to get a return on your investment in advertising costs. How do you find likely buyers in your niche? They are the people who watch the popular videos in your niche. By placing your ads on these popular videos, you reach the right people. Now, with software just released by Cyril Gupta, called TubeTarget, you have a simple way to select the top performing videos for your ads. TubeTarget was just launched... [...]

TubeTarget: Buyer Traffic from YouTube for Pennies #ad

It is no secret that presenting your advertisement to people who need the solution you are promoting is critical to your sales. But there is a second half of this success formula: not wasting money presenting your offer to people who won’t buy. That just increases your costs and reduces your profit. When you spend money on ads, typically with a cost per person who either views the ad or who clicks on the ad, you only want to show the ad to people likely to buy. Getting views or clicks from other people costs you money that is subtracted from your sales to calculate profit. Wasted clicks... [...]

YouTube has all the traffic you need. Here’s how to use it #ad

It has been reported that YouTube has 1.9 Billion users every month. Your potential clients are among those users. Dr Amit Pareek has just released new training on how to use YouTube ads, YouTube Ads 2019-20 Made Easy. At just $9.95 (for this grand opening sale), what you learn from this training can quickly repay your investment many times. But Dr Pareek goes even farther. Besides learning from this training, he lets you sell it to other YouTube users. Not only that, he allows you to remove his own name from it and place your name on it instead. That’s right, you can be credited as the author... [...]