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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing News' Category

‘Strategies To Optimize My Site For Voice Search’ Webinar June 4 [Webinar]

With increasing number of Internet-connected mobile devices, the future of search lies in voice. By optimizing your  websites for voice search, you can increase your traffic.Affiliate Summit is hosting a webinar ‘Strategies To Optimize My Site For Voice Search’ on Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 11.00 am EST.The Affiliate Summit team says, “With voice search predicted to be 50% of all searches for 2020, this webinar is your opportunity to ensure your site is prepared. Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:Understand voice searches better than ever before by learning... [...]

The Definitive Guide to eCommerce SEO for 2020 [Guide]

SEMrush contributor Maria Kalyadina has published ‘The Definitive Guide to eCommerce SEO for 2020’.This comprehensive guide offers advice on how to develop an SEO strategy for ecommerce websites and provides tips and strategies to optimize your site effectively.This guide covers the following:Why SEO Is Important for Your eCommerce SiteKeyword Research for eCommerce WebsitesOn-Page SEO for eCommerce WebsitesTechnical SEO for eCommerce WebsitesHow to Fix Common Technical SEO Issues on eCommerce WebsitesContent Marketing for eCommerce SitesLink Building for eCommerce SitesLocal... [...]

‘The Combined Power of Webinars & Marketing Automation’ Webinar May 29 [Webinar]

Running webinars is one of the best ways to grow your online audience. Combined with  marketing automation, webinars can do magic when it comes to getting more sales.Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar ‘Power of Webinars & Marketing Automation’ on Friday, May 29, 2020 at 1.00 pm EDT.The CMI team says, “Webinars can provide another layer of marketing and sales data. Whilst ‘more data’ is what most marketers strive for, it can present a communication challenge. What to say, to whom, and why?Attend this webinar and find out why webinars aren’t just an effective... [...]

‘Technology and Tools That Make Your Business More Profitable and Easier to Run’ Webinar June 2 [Webinar]

To make your business successful and achieve desired goals, you need to optimize right tools and technology. From social media to webinar platforms, there are several technologies you can utilize for business growth.Entrepreneur Magazine is hosting a webinar ‘Technology and Tools That Make Your Business More Profitable and Easier to Run’ featuring Stuart Clark on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.Michelle Hill says, “Many franchisors and franchise owners have reported that technology tools have been a big part of getting through this ever-changing marketplace that has been suddenly... [...]

Four Benefits of Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing methodology focuses on driving potential customers and visitors without interrupting them with unsolicited promotions and content. Inbound marketing enables you to understanding the buyer journey and create content for each stage.Sprout Social contributor Mahnoor Sheikh has shared four benefits of inbound marketing and four stages of an inbound marketing strategy.Sheikh says, “While the fruits of inbound marketing might be less “in your face” than other advertising techniques, they are much more valuable to your business in the long run.Here are... [...]

Journals Empire 2: Create Zero-Content Journals That Sell #ad

Nearly everyone has things that occur from day to day that strike them as important and that deserve to be remembered. What is their solution? A journal (sometimes called a diary) that conveniently lets them record those thoughts and events of the day that they cherish.Journals are a big seller on Amazon(there are over 20,000 to choose from) and on eBay (nearly 28,000 to choose from). This much competition means there are a lot of buyers to attract.One nice thing about selling journals is that there is almost nothing to write to create your book; maybe a date at the top of the page, a decorative... [...]

How to Produce High-Quality Video Content at Home [Podcast]

High quality video content can help you to create desired marketing impact on your audience and boost your revenue. By learning the ways to create quality videos with minimum infrastructure you can create content with low investment.IMPACT‘s Zach Basner ha published a new episode of ‘Film School of Marketers’ podcast titled ‘How to produce high-quality video content at home’.Listen to the podcast and learn following:How to get the best quality webcam footage from your computerFinding the best background for your at-home video shootHow to get high... [...]

Five Ways to Improve Your Content Rankings

Quality content helps you to achieve higher search engine rank and improve your website traffic. To improve your content you need to regularly assess it for improvement.Searchmetrics contributor Jan Grundmann has shared five ways to help you improve your content optimization efforts.Grundmann says, “The starting point of content optimization is to regularly check whether your content needs updating. To do this, you can audit your rankings and content either manually or with the help of a software solution. Points to check include the following:Competitor Analysis: Has your... [...]

What’s The Best Time to Publish on Social Media?

By publishing content on social media you can engage your target audience and achieve desired outcome. But to catch their attention, it is important to know the right time to publish you content.To help you with this, Sprout Social contributor Elizabeth Arens has published a detailed article highlighting the right time to post on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.Arens says, “If you’re creating content for social media at any scale, you know that a key challenge is rising above the noise and getting eyes on your posts. As social media algorithms increasingly... [...]

Enterprise SEO Tools For Content Marketing, Search Intelligence, UX And More [Guide]

Digital Marketing Depot has published a new report called ‘ Enterprise SEO Tools For Content Marketing, Search Intelligence, UX And More: A Marketer’s Guide’.Download this report to discover useful tools and technologies to improve your content marketing, search intelligence and user experience.The DMD team says, “This FREE 76-page report reviews the growing market for SEO platforms (including 20 vendor profiles!), plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges.Uncover valuable insights into the latest SEO trends. Did you know…There are 810... [...]