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Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Tumblr Marketing ’ Category

‘Tumblr arrives Down Under with more local content from brands’ – ‘Mashable’

Jenni Ryall says, “Tumblr has officially launched in Australia. It doesn’t mean much for users of the platform — besides local brands and businesses providing more localised content. The company, founded by David Karp in 2007, has more than 4.6 million users in Australia and 750,000 in New Zealand so it makes sense for the reblogging […]

‘Yahoo Has Apparently Decided It’s Time To Really Cash In On Tumblr’ – ‘ReadWrite’

Lauren Orsini says, “Yahoo is planning an internal reshuffle that could effectively end the independence of its most popular acquisition, the visual blogging platform Tumblr. The Information reports that CEO Marissa Mayer spoke about the major changes inside the company at an offsite meeting with executives. She also reportedly asked Tumblr CEO David Karp which Yahoo […]

‘Ramp up your Tumblr skills with these 21 keyboard shortcuts’ – ‘Mashable’

Amy-Mae Elliott says, “While we sadly can’t help you shirk your work responsibilities in order to spend more time on Tumblr, we can make your time on the platform more efficient. There are some extremely handy keyboard shortcuts that will have you whizzing around the microblogging service like a pro. Get your pinky poised over your control […]

‘Tumblr takes aim at serious writers with ‘big’ update’ – ‘Mashable’

JP Mangalindan says, “Tumblr began rolling out a major update on Wednesday that makes it more appealing to serious writers. While the blogging service remains hugely popular, with 420 million active users and 220 million blogs, many of its posts are only bits of text and media — abbreviated flotsam and jetsam — including celebrity quotes, animated GIFs, dog […]

‘Tumblr looks to make money off of its creative class’ – ‘Mashable’

Jason Abbruzzese says, “Tumblr has a new plan to attract advertisers, and its most creative users are at the core of that scheme. Creatrs Network is a new program that recruits artists on the blog network, and aims to leverage their talent with advertisers. Marketers will now have the option to tap a variety of artists […]

‘Explore Trending & Recommended Posts at Tumblr’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Allison Howen says, “Tumblr has been busy rolling out updates as of late, with the newest one being an “Explore” feature to help users discover content. The new feature is visible at the top of the dashboard under a new compass icon. According to Tumblr, the feature will help users find a variety of content, including […]

‘Tumblr Opens App Up to New Ad Display’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Derek S. says, “As more consumers continue to flock to social media, networks are constantly looking for ways to capitalize on their popularity and increase their earnings. Popular blogging network Tumblr has announced that it is launching a new ad service called Tumblr Sponsored Apps. The new service is a mobile ad product that enables companies to […]

‘Tumblr Expands Sponsored Capabilities With Mobile App Install Ads’ – ClickZ Blog

Yuya Chen says, “The social blogging platform has added an “install app” button to its sponsored posts. What other ad formats can we expect from Tumblr in the future? Yahoo-owned Tumblr has introduced “Tumblr Sponsored Apps,” a new mobile ad unit, to attract more ad dollars. The new ad unit will allow app publishers to target […]

‘Tumblr Is Rolling Out Its First Autoplay Video Ads Today’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Martin Beck says, “Aiming for a bigger cut of the lucrative video advertising market, Tumblr is launching its first autoplay video ads today, Advertising Age reports. Eleven brands, including The CW, Lexus, Unilever’s Axe, Universal Pictures, JCPenney and Hulu, are testing Sponsored Video Posts before Tumblr opens them to all advertisers in mid-November. Previously, brands could […]

‘Tumblr Partners With Ditto Labs To Scan Photos For Brand Affinity’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Martin Beck says, “Tumblr, one of the most visual social media/microblogging networks, is making a move to help brands better understand what’s happening in the 130 million photos uploaded on the site everyday. As reported first by Mashable today, Tumblr has agreed to a partnership with Ditto Labs, a Cambridge, Mass., startup that analyzes online photos for […]