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Monday, September 27, 2021

Archive for the 'Facebook Advertising' Category

Facebook Ad Analysis and Automation: Save Time and Money [Video]

If you are spending too much time analyzing your Facebook ads and want to learn how often you should check in on your Facebook ads performance – here is a video published by Social Media Examiner. In this video, Facebook ads expert Tara Zirker shares a time-saving process for successfully managing your campaigns in just one day a month. You’ll discover a simple monthly maintenance protocol to help you review four valuable Facebook ads KPIs in less time. Learn how to quickly analyze your ads to see if performance is trending up or down and get tips for improving those metrics if you aren’t... [...]

Four Tips to Improve Facebook Ads Performance

Facebook advertising enables you to grow your online reach to a wider audience and increase online sales. Well-crafted ads can boost your ROI. Social Media Examiner contributor Charlie Lawrance has shared four useful tips to help you improve your Facebook ads performance. He says, “Facebook actively rewards advertisers by lowering CPC for ads with a higher CTR. The reason is that your target audience is engaging more with your ad, creating a positive ad experience. Here are some ways to create more engaging Facebook ads to improve your CTR. #1: Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Copy You can... [...]

Strategies for Better Facebook Ad Data Tracking

Facebook advertising enables you to reach a wide array of social media users to promote your products and services. With proper ad data tracking, you can create rewarding ad campaigns. Social Media Examiner contributor James Bender has shared four ways to help you improve your Facebook ad data tracking. He says, “Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to track some of that user behavior moving forward. #1: Verify Your Website’s Domain With Facebook The first step is to verify your domains with Facebook to help avoid any future disruption of your website campaigns. This step will... [...]

Strategies to Drive More Conversions with Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook’s dynamic ads are designed to serve ads to users that may be interested in similar products, and to users that have already expressed interest in a product you are selling by visiting your website or app. WordStream contributor Akvile DeFazio has shared some useful strategies to help you drive more conversions with the Facebook dynamic ads. She says, “While Facebook dynamic ads are most often used with the Catalog Sales campaign objective, they can also be used with App Installs and Lead Generation campaign objectives. With them, you can use two targeting options in the ad... [...]

Five Steps to Write Great Facebook Ads

Well-crafted Facebook advertisements help you to make potential clients explore your products and make a purchase. Social Media Examiner’s Tammy Cannon has shared five steps to writing great Facebook ads for sensitive products and services. She says, “To avoid these kinds of issues, here’s a five-part framework that will help you attract your ideal client and comply with Facebook’s ad policies. #1: Open With a Qualifier The first two or three lines of your ad copy should be your qualifier. The text should speak to your ideal customer so they qualify themselves as needing to read... [...]

5 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid [Video]

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to enhance your reach to more and more social media users. By creating effective ads, you can attract more people. Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘5 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid’ featuring Emily Hirsh. The SME team says, “Struggling to improve Facebook ad results? Are you making these costly mistakes? Discover the five Facebook ads mistakes that cost you time, money, and results, from marketing expert Emily Hirsh. You’ll also find a proven structure for testing new Facebook ads so you know, for certain, what’s... [...]

Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success Without Audience Insights [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Facebook Ad Cold Targeting Success Without Audience Insights’. The SME team says, “Is the loss of Facebook Audience Insights impacting your ad performance? Wondering how to target new prospects without the data that Audience Insights used to provide? You can build effective Facebook audiences without Facebook Audience Insights, using this advice from expert Allie Bloyd. In this video, Allie shows you how to create 8 effective cold audiences based on interests, behaviors, customer lists, and website traffic. All without using Facebook... [...]

How to Create Compelling Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising enables you to extend your online reach and grow sales. Facebook also provides you a wide range of budget options to run ads. Search Engine Journal contributor Tim Jensen has shared 10 useful tips to create great Facebook ads. He says, “When running Facebook ads, the best copy is likely to be overlooked if it’s accompanied by a mediocre image. Read on for 10 tips to up your creative game in Facebook advertising. 1. Customize Images by Placement The Facebook Ads interface lets you select unique images for different placements. Ideally, you should use vertical images... [...]

How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads for More Profit [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads for More Profit’ featuring Emily Hirsh. The SME team says, “Spending too much on your Facebook ads? Looking for a strategy to improve your profits? Discover how to optimize and scale your Facebook ads from marketing expert Emily Hirsh. Learn how to compare Facebook ads performance data to your sales goals to see if you’re hitting the mark, and how to make adjustments to your customer journey to improve and scale your results and profit. Find out which five metrics to watch closely and discover... [...]

CMI Shares Three Facebook Ad Ideas

Getting your content discovered on Facebook is the biggest challenge. By using the right keywords and writing appropriate descriptions, you can do it. Content Marketing Institute contributor Gavin Bell has shared three useful Facebook ad ideas to grow your content’s reach. He says, “In this guide, I detail three of my most effective ways to promote content using Facebook advertising (without ever touching that boost button.) 1. Create a “content bucket” campaign to reach new fans Many content creators are focused on more. They want more fans, more readers/listeners/viewers. With... [...]