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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Facebook Advertising ’ Category

Facebook Ads Strategy: A New Approach for a Competitive Marketplace [Video]

Facebook adverting is one of the most useful ways to reach out your target audience and grow sales. By adopting right strategy for Facebook advertising you can continue to enhance your marketing performance. Social Media Examiner contributor Michael Stelzner has published a new podcast episode ‘Facebook Ads Strategy: A New Approach for a Competitive Marketplace’ […]

9 Ways to Analyze Your Facebook and Instagram Ad Performance

It is very important to find out whether your advertising campaigns are delivering expected results. Facebook allows you to track the performance your advertisements but it is advisable to move a step ahead and have a look at the detailed analysis of your ad performance. Social Media Examiner contributor Dmitry Dragilev has shared nine ways […]

Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting: A Research Method for Finding Relevant Cold Audiences [Video]

Social media platforms provide you a great stage to increase exposure and traffic for your business. With these platforms you can also create loyal customers, generate leads and sales. So far, Facebook remains the leading social network. You can advertise on Facebook to reach out to its wide user base and achieve your marketing goals. […]

Everything You Need to Know about Facebook’s Power 5 Tools

Marketers and advertisers use different tools and tactics to achieve better performance on Facebook. Five such tactics that marketers use are labelled as Facebook 5. According to Facebook, these tactics can transform ad performance and scale across the Facebook Family of Apps. Social Media Examiner’s Lynsey Fraser has published an article highlighting different aspects of […]

How to Customize Facebook Ads Based on Customer Awareness Principles [Podcast]

According to a HubSpot study, 76% of users look for interesting content on Facebook. Also, content consumption on Facebook has increased 57% since 2014. With this rising popularity graph of the social network, most of us are tempted to advertise on Facebook. But not all ads perform well. You need to create the ads that catch […]

Three Tips to Control Facebook Ad Costs

Online advertising helps you to reach your target audience and increase sales. With the help of Facebook’s advertising platform you can extend your reach to specific groups and boost your revenue. Social Media Examiner contributor Lynsey Fraser has offered three tips to cut down your Facebook advertising cost and continue to get the same performance. […]

Graphic Facebook ads, ready to use (or sell) #ad

Facebook ads can be a beneficial marketing channel, but unless done well, they can be a big money pit, as well. (We know this from sad experience.) There’s a new package of colorful graphic ads for many niches that you can add your own link and headline to, and deploy them in moments, Facebook Ads […]

Facebook ads and YouTube ads: how to use them together [video]

We know that its a great idea to publish our ads on Facebook and YouTube as both networks offer a wide reach for promotion of our products. But how much better it could be if we could advertise on both the platforms with single campaign? Social Media Examiner’s Travis Chambers has published a new video […]

AdvertSuite: Your key to better Facebook ads #ad

Luke Maguire’s new AdvertSuite has been available for several days now. It lets you produce better ads for Facebook by checking what other advertisers in your niche have been doing and how well their ads have fared in the marketplace. Over 3500 copies have been sold. Besides the main software, Maguire is currently offering 4 […]

AdvertSuite successful in marketplace; new bonuses added #ad

In the few days since AdvertSuite was released last week, over 3,000 businesses have invested in this software. It brings clarity to your Facebook ad marketing, showing you what ads are likely to be successful, so you achieve a higher ROI. It is flexible, benefiting nearly any business that wants to take advantage of Facebook’s […]