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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Archive for the 'Social Media Marketing' Category

New WordPress theme designed for Niche Marketers #ad

If your blog is used for marketing, check out Tantan’s new theme for a professional and unique blog look in a package that is flexible and easy to use. You have many options that go way beyond changing colors and header images. This flexibility will make you fall in love with this theme. Your site can look the way you want it to and still be your marketing tool. You will find all the details about Tantan’s Ultimate Niche Theme here.  [...]

Rob Maggs announces “Power Ping FM Poster”-puts your site into Google’s First Page Rankings #ad is a free site that distributes your posts to up to 30 various web 2.0 platforms. Rob Maggs’s new tool automates your work with Ping.FM. You do the work once. His tool spins it and posts to Ping.FM, which then forwards it to the major properties it works with. PingFM Poster is easy to set up and easy to use. It comes with a written guide to assist with installation. You just connect your chosen networks, add your updates and then let the process begin, just leave it to work in the background while you get on with other things. You can even use this software to promote sites for your... [...]

Dani Wija releases his new, powerful Amazon Review WordPress Theme, the “Cinemax” theme #ad

This theme makes it easy to display Amazon products on your affiliate blog. It’s particularly suited for DVDs and home movie equipment. Use it on as many sites as you like and even use it to build sites to sell. Learn all about The Cinemax Theme here.  [...]

Andrew Maule shows how to eliminate the marketing competition on Facebook #ad

Andrew Maule says you don’t need to worry about competition when you use Facebook and PPC as a hybrid. It’s a new technique and, with it, you don’t have to worry about competition- ever. Even better, it’s a set-and-forget system that will keep on earning. And it’s a “rinse and repeat” process so you can build income in a bewildering variety of niches. Maule explains all here.  [...]

Martin Crumlish’s new “WP cBank” plugin will energize your Clickbank Affiliate Marketing #ad

Just let WP cBank know your niche, and it will post a unique article on your blog to promote a Clickbank product in your niche, based on the product’s sales page content. It will insert a promotional photo from the sales page, your affiliate link and a call to action. It also builds text ads, hover ads and banner ads. Your blog monetization can be handled by this automated plugin so you can spend time with making your blog great, not the mundane advertising work. Get the whole story here.  [...]

Steve East Shows “How to Become a Millionaire” using Amazon and Squidoo #ad

Steve East Shows “How to Become a Millionaire” using Amazon and Squidoo #ad Online marketing isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to continue to be as hard as it has been. Steve East has found that there is a better way to build online incomes using free hosting provided by Squidoo and top products supplied by Amazon. If you can spare just one little hour a day, you can build a fine online business with minimal expense. And you can do it again and again in different niches. Both sites are here to stay; and super-easy to work with. Experienced Internet Marketers might think... [...]

Mark Olson announces “Stealth Header Tags” to give you a unique SEO Advantage #ad

Using Stealth Header Tags you can reap increased conversions and more sales with push-button simplicity. Header tags are fundamental to good search engine optimization. They tell the search engines what you site is all about. But people can be interrupted by the headers, so that their concentration on the sales copy is diverted. Mark Olson invented Stealth Header Tags to give the search engines what they need without bothering the human visitors. Once you install the WordPress plugin, you can add header tags wherever you need to emphasize a word or phrase, quickly, easily and without bothering... [...]

Social media tool aims to help journalists find undiscovered, reliable sources on Twitter

A couple of tweets, discovered well after we all learned that Whitney Houston had died Saturday, illustrate a challenge journalists face in a breaking news situation. The tweets added significant details to the story, but were hidden among thousands of other extraneous tweets on many other topics. There’s a potential new tool for finding the “vital few” tweets on a subject, a prototype tool, developed by researchers at Rutgers University and Microsoft, that aims to solve this problem. Called SRSR, for Seriously Rapid Source Review, the tool: Identifies different types of Twitter... [...]

Ryan Milligan releases “The Ultimate Facebook List-Builder” #ad

Ryan Milligan has made a good living from marketing on Facebook for some time now. He found methods of marketing both affiliate products and his own on Facebook that pay him well. Apparently, others haven’t noticed this process. He says his students and the only others he has seen apply them. Facebook makes an ideal marketing platform because: You don’t need a list (you will be building one) You don’t need a website It’s 100% free Newbie friendly It is easy money You don’t need to find traffic. There are already billions of people on Facebook every single day. Ryan... [...]

John Thornhill has released “WSO Domination”, the program that can teach anyone to create a WSO that sells #ad

By launching a WSO you can take advantage of the huge amount of traffic the Warrior Forum receives when you release a profitable WSO. Thornhill shows how it’s done. Where else can you find buyer traffic like this? Remember, people looking at the Warrior Special Offer section are looking with credit cards in hand, for offers that they want to buy. It is very rare that you will find buyer traffic like this. Using videos and written guides, Thornhill explains how he has sold profitable WSO products quickly over and over again. Read his whole explanation here.  [...]