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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Archive for the 'Social Media Marketing' Category

Build professional websites for your clients with these Business Themes #ad

Get three beautiful, professional business themes for peanuts. Use them for your own sites or for your clients. These themes have flexibility, ease of use and charm all built in. Stir in a few choice words and a knock-out product and you’re dome. You choose the colors, the layout, the widgets and the graphics. Make it uniquely yours. Learn more here.  [...]

Get Viral Traffic Fast With New Facebook Software #ad

Dan Lew has announced his Easy FB Campaigns software. It lets you hide interesting material on your Facebook pages until a person clicks on your “Like” button. It could be a recipe, some celebrity news, some stock picks, etc.whatever your visitors are looking for. When they “like” it, they get the “reward” they were seeking and their friends are informed, and many will click to find out more. If they also “like” it, their friends are also told and the snowball keeps growing. Monetize all these visitors with CPA offers, affiliate products or your own... [...]

Need a Facebook app that gets people to like your fan page? #ad

The technique is simple. Offer something attractive for people who will click your “Like” button. Give them what you promised them. Then ask them to share it with their friends. This can grow your fans quickly. Troy james has released a simple, inexpensive app that will help you do this in whatever niches you choose. And he offers to let you rebrand and sell this app to other people, too. It’s an offer you won’t want to miss. Get the details here.  [...]

‘3 Useful Facebook Media Apps’ – ‘ReadWriteWeb’

The latest post on ‘ReadWriteWeb’ is titled “3 Useful Facebook Media Apps”. Alicia Eler says, “Like its users, Facebook’s media apps are fickle. Yesterday Facebook launched 12 media apps: for Buzzfeed, CBS Local (Los Angeles and New York), The Daily Show, MTV News, TODAY Show,, photo-sharing site Pixable, entertainment social network GetGlue, CMT (Country Music Television), SportingNews (coming in March) and The Huffington Post”. 3 Useful Facebook Media Apps ReadWriteWeb  [...]

Is “Think Links 2012” The Ultimate SEO Linking Resource? #ad

The value of on-page optimization is going up, but backlinks are still an important factor is getting your page highly ranked. You want tried and true backlinking methods that have been refreshed with the twists that work best now. Think Links 2012 includes: A complete guide to trials of the most popular automated SEO and linking services. The Big Page of SEO a collection of SEO wisdom that has stood the test of time The SocialBomb Report, to show you how to use social media to accelerate your SEO A special version of Directory Submitter</i software that helps you create 16-17 of the most powerful... [...]

’10 Social Media Tips for Bloggers’ – ‘Mashable’

The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “10 Social Media Tips for Bloggers”. Liz Borod Wright says, “When it comes to building an audience and driving traffic, bloggers are turning to social media with record results. Instead of relying on organic search or (gasp) IRL friends, successful bloggers know they have to develop a following on key social networks as a way to promote their brands and ultimately get more clicks”. 10 Social Media Tips for Bloggers  [...]

How to Drive Viral Traffic to Your Website and Get Ranked Higher in The Search Engine #ad

This New Viral Traffic method works well with any kind of web site: Landing pages, blogs, CPA, and even product launches. If you can get people to share you page on Google+, Facebook, Twitter or other ways, you can reap a viral harvest and you will rank higher in the search engines. This New Viral Traffic video training can show you how. You can get the details here.  [...]

Clone this scalable foolproof system to make a full-time income online #ad

This is a second viewpoint on using Squidoo; this one concentrates on Amazon affiliate sales. Squidoo is free; becoming an Amazon affiliate is free. Done right, you are on your way to an internet business for virtually no expense. In fact, it’s even easier. There’s no need for lengthy applications when selling through Amazon products through Squidoo. Squidoo has its own in built Amazon listings function that you can use. Amazon and Squidoo are a natural combination. And Google agrees. Save yourself time and trouble. Get the whole story here.  [...]

Viral Facebook Like, Twitter and Google+1 plugin for WordPress builds traffic for any blog

This plugin reminds your visitors of how important sharing is and gives them a nudge. After you have installed the FB Like Viral plugin (that name really doesn’t do it justice) your visitors will share your posts with others on Facebook, Twitter and Google+1. Now you can tap into the vast traffic potential of Facebook, Twitter and Google+1 resulting in much more traffic going to your web site. Using the FB Like Viral plugin has an additional SEO value, too: Google uses the +1 ratings as part of their algorithm now. The higher the +1 count for your pages the more likely it is that you will... [...]

Drive Traffic to Any Sites of Your Choice with “Mass Income Multiplier” #ad

The Mass Income Multiplier (MIM) is a sophisticated social network wizard that you can master in five minutes or less. It allows you to create and launch monetized web pages over and over again. MIM is not the same as other social media products. It is a network of member sites that are made with the MIM software. Each site provides backlinks to some of the other sites. These backlinks are strategic links that improve your search engine profile When you build your page, you choose the look and feel from a range of templates supplied, and you add your affiliate information for Amazon, Clickbank... [...]