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Monday, August 10, 2020

Archive for the 'Backlinking' Category

MOZ guide to setting standard for backlink index comparisons

MOZ columnist Russ Jones has shared a guide to setting standard for backlink index comparisons. This 13-point guide offers a comprehensive view of the backlink indexing.Jones says, “It always was. Most of us knew it. But with limited resources, we just couldn’t really compare the quality, size, and speed of link indexes very well. Frankly, most backlink index comparisons would barely pass for a high school science fair project, much less a rigorous peer review.My most earnest attempt at determining the quality of a link index was back in 2015, before I joined Moz as Principal... [...]

Social Robot builds social backlinks to your site #ad

Joshua Zamora has just released his new software, SocialRobot.This new tool, under your guidance, automates setting up accounts on social media sites with one click.Then you use it to automatically create high-quality social bookmarks to any URL of your choosing, using your accounts.Since it supports over 500 social media sites, this can be a major part of your SEO campaigns.It is easy to use; it works quickly; and once you set it up, it requires very little time from you.Here are some of the specifics:■ You select the social sites you want to use in just a few clicks■ You can have multiple... [...]

Tomorrow: World’s First Ever Reverse Rank Tracking Technology #ad

A new SEO tool will launch tomorrow. It’s the latest tool to be created by Daniel Tan.He calls it RankRevealWith the “Reverse Rank Tracking Technology” found in this new tool, you will be able to uncover a multitude of keywords your site ranks for with just a few clicks. You’re sure to find some that you would never have thought of on your own.Tan has created a short video to show you how this unique invention can help you save money and time and uncover more profits as you do.Check out the video now: RankReveal VideoHere’s a taste of what this new tool can do for you. Auto-discovery:... [...]

Aladdin software: Drag & Drop Your Way to Page 1 of Google #ad

He calls himself Oz and he is the creator of a many tools to assist online marketers. On March 10 he released his latest: Aladdin.It makes it possible, he says, for even the newest beginner to rank on Page 1 of Google. It is an SEO tool, but one that has been simplified enough that even we who are non-technical can use it and get good results.All you have to do is:Step 1: DragStep 2: DropStep 3: RankAladdin is desktop software, running on Windows or Mac. It lets you build backlinks to your web pages (such as WordPress posts); hundreds of backlinks is no exaggeration.For the first time ever,... [...]

Social Link Machine gets your site noticed #ad

We just heard about a new launch (we are late due to our severe illness) for Social Link Machine 2.0.This software builds social links to your sites on autopilot. In fact, what it can do for you is amazing:• It’s Completely Automated: It grabs your content and instantly syndicates it on the 16 most popular authority platforms.• It Builds Social Signals: totally hands-free.• It provides Faster Indexing: integrates into three 3rd party indexing services.• It does everything with a Natural Pattern• It does its posts in Random Order• It creates 2nd Tier Links (links to your... [...]

200+ free Visitor per Day using Drag & Drop SEO; 11am Today #ad

A new drag & drop SEO traffic automation app is being released by Precious Ngwu. He calls it Authority Engage.This new WordPress plugin uses advanced SEO strategies to convert any regular WP site into a site that is highly visible and well supplied with traffic.This plugin is a traffic generator, and it may change the way you rank your sites and bring in traffic to them in the coming year.For example, a local business owner is already using the software to bring in up to 20 potential new clients daily to his website.Other beta testers are generating over 200 free targeted visitors daily... [...]

Link Indexr makes your site’s backlinks more valuable #ad

Yesterday, a href=”″>Link Indexr was announced by Joshua Zamora. The response has been substantial. Over 1000 copies of the various versions were sold in the first 8 hours.This software is designed to make sure that the sites that link to your site are, themselves, noticed (the formal word is “indexed”) by the search engines. It does this by building links of varous kinds to your backlinks, using things like:■ High-quality wiki sites■ High-quality blog sites■ High-quality social bookmarks■ High-quality Web 2.0 sites■ And a... [...]

Get your links indexed; it’s crucial for SEO #ad

Backlinks are staples of the SEO process. It’s not the only thing, but it is central.Joshua Zamora says that building PR 6 backlinks can be worthless, if you don’t make sure that Google knows these backlinks are there.He talks about it in more detail here: Link Indexr Introduction. Because of this (often overlooked) need to index the backlinks (that is, get them into Google’s database) building more and more high-authority links fails to do you any good, and you may never reach page 1 of Google.Now, with Link Indexr, available at 11 AM EST today, you can make sure... [...]

Social Bookmarking Backlinks: Get Indexed In just Hours #ad

James Howard has just released Social Bookmarking Backlinks, showing how you can quickly get noticed, and respected, by the search engines.This training is an in-depth look at social bookmarking for SEO improvement. In fact, it’s a step-by-step guide to boosting your rankingsIIn the training, you will discover things like:• Where to find outsourcers who can be hired for a reasonable fee<br• How to effectively use outsource workers to do your social bookmarking• What tools are available to do your social bookmarking and what to look for when investing in one• How to bookmark... [...]

Boost Your Site’s Authority, Traffic & Sales #ad

Maybe you have heard the Papa John’s Pizza ad that says “Better ingredients make better pizza.” Well, in the internet marketing world, we have a similar slogan” Better backlinks make better ranking.”Dan Tierney, known of the Warrior Forum as Daddyoh has just released a new product that offers top-quality backlinks, so you will get top-quality search engine rankings. He calls it Authority Backlinks BonanzaPR rankings are similar to the Richter scale for earthquakes, a backlink from a PR8 site isn’t just 8 times as valuable as a backlink from a PR 1 site; it’s... [...]