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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Archive for the 'Sales Funnels' Category

Eight steps to build a sales funnel for increasing profit

A well-planned sales funnel creates the right base for increasing your online profits. It helps you create a step-by-step process that leas to more sales.ReadWrite contributor Frank Landman has shared an eight step guide to create a sales funnel that helps you to make more sales online.Landman says, “No matter how great your offers are, if you’re not extending those offers to the right people at the right time, your sales will remain flat. A well-structured sales funnel will deliver these offers correctly. If you’ve tried everything else but you’re still struggling with sales, your... [...]

The Easiest Sales Funnel Ever #ad

Marketers know that for best sales, you don’t offer a single product. Instead, you build a “Sales funnel”. You invite people’s interest by offering a free product of value to your selected target audience in return for their willingness to learn about your other products that you have for sale.You don’t make any money on the original product; you may even lose money. But you are counting on a portion of those who get the free product being interested enough in your niche that they will buy your “upsell” product. The initial funnel is ideally supplemented... [...]

A better way to interact with your customers (coming today) #ad

MintsApp 2.0 customer engagement software launches @ 11am EDT. We mentioned a week ago that Precious Ngwu was releasing the second version of his popular MintsApp software. This 2.0 version builds on the power of the original, but adds additional functionality that makes it even more powerful.The new technology pioneered by MintsApp 2.0 is known as “customer-driven funnels”, and it makes you sales funnels more powerful that ever before.,The new version is cloud-based so you won’t need to download any software; just login and get to work.You will want to hurry and lock in your... [...]

A system that produces results faster than you can push a button #ad

Would you like to get a $17k per day affiliate marketing strategy that uses a secret hack that is innovative, and likely to be something you haven’t seen before?Today, at 2 PM EDT, Precious Ngwu is releasing free training that he promises will knock your socks off:New affiliate marketing strategyThis is training that is leading up to his launch of MintsApp 2.0 next week. A year ago, Ngwu released the original version of this application to great acclaim. Now, he has done a major revision that, in comparison, obsoletes the original.This new video training available today will show:•... [...]

Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels drives online success #ad

Your online business is dependent on a stream of paying customers, and for the best results, they need to be customers that buy again and again.That may seem easy, but keeping a buyer interested isn’t as simple as it seems. No matter what you did and how well you did it, the buyer’s question always is, “What can you do for me today?”You need to build a “funnel” of products and services that keeps the buyer engaged and investing more in what you are offering. And that’s where the problem arises. How do you lead the buyer from one level of involvement with... [...]

Smart Funnels: New software builds them for you #ad

If you want to build a business, you first need to build a sales funnel, to get potential clients to pay attention to you. You start with a free offer that gets the name and email address You deliver the gift, along with an offer for an upgrade for purchase. After that, you can offer them additional products from time to time.That’s the way online marketing is typically done. And it can work, but it may be slower than you would like, and it may get fewer new customers than you would like.Suppose you modified that process a little. That purchase you ask people to consider when you deliver... [...]

Funnel Factories Pro: Build complete funnels in minutes #ad

The “sales funnel” or “product funnel” is a central element of online marketing (or any wise marketing, for that matter. Grocery store “loss leaders” are an example from offline marketing.). You attract interest by offering a free (or, occasionally, low-priced) product. Then you offer additional products to those who accept your initial offer.The are called “funnels” because they are wide at the beginning and grow narrow as they go on. That is, many people accept the initial offer, and as additional offers come, with prices growing ever higher, fewer... [...]

Rapid Video Funnels: 10 online product funnel strategies#ad

Peter Beattie is a well-known online marketing trainer and product developer. IM NewsWatch has mentioned his work many times.Now Beattie is sharing his own strategies for putting together and implementing 10 of his best, most profitable, video funnels. You are getting his templates (that is, designs) so you can copy his best-performing sales funnels, campaigns and promotions to build your own business.He uses videos in his funnels so not only an he explain his products, but he can also illustrate and demonstrate what he is selling. These videos automatically market his products for him, and,... [...]

Be an early-bird; get 2 week free trial #ad

Russell Brunson has a new video and, at the end, he is promoting an upcoming product he calls ClickFunnels.Watch the video; get on his early-bird list; get a free trial. It’s that simple.And you will also get a ticket to his live pre-view webinar so you can see the new  ClickFunnels days before it’s open to the public.Check it out here: ClickFunnels. [...]

Funnel Factories Pro: Build a real business running online overnight #ad

Barry Rodgers and Val Wilson have a new Funnel Factory Pro for you.They are talking about online sales funnels, of course. Their new software will build:• An opt-in page, complete sales copy and headline, plus a nifty product to give away in exchange for a visitor’s email address,• A “redirect page” with an upgrade offer, where you make another product available to them at a greatly reduced price.• A Thank You page that people are sent to in order to thank them for opting in to your list, letting them get their free gift.• And, to top it off, you get... [...]