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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Archive for the 'Landing page Tips' Category

’23 Types of Lead Gen Content to Put Behind Your Landing Pages’ – HubSpot

Lindsay Kolowich says, “What does being in a “content rut” mean to you? Perhaps the words “content rut” remind of those times you find yourself with writer’s block and can’t think of fresh topic ideas. (We’ve all been there.) Or maybe it makes you think of those days or weeks — or even (shudder) months when your content seems to be falling kind of flat. All of those interpretations are totally accurate, but there’s one more you may not have thought of: the kind of content rut where you keep creating the same types of content over and... [...]

‘8 Must-Have Tips for Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts’ – HubSpot

Neil Patel says, “Conversion copywriters — the people who write landing page content that converts readers and delivers sales — are wonderful human beings. Their writing pulls in readers, generates conversions, and ultimately produces buckets of cash. Wouldn’t you like to have that skill? There’s good news here: It’s only partly skill. The rest is just technique — technique that you can learn and master. You — yes, you! — can unleash the same wizard-like conversion copy powers, as long as you understand the techniques that are at play”. 8... [...]

‘5 Ways You Can Add Social Proof to Your Landing Pages’ – HubSpot

Lindsay Kolowich says, “Imagine you and I were chatting, and I leaned in and told you, “I’m a really amazing oil painter. People look at my paintings and think they’re photographs. My work brings out emotions people didn’t even know they had — I’m that talented.” Would you believe me? Or would you write me off as pretty self-serving? Now imagine that, instead of me telling you that, someone else did. “You should really check out Lindsay’s oil paintings. They’re so detailed they look like photographs. Her work brings out emotions... [...]

‘6 Costly Landing Page Mistakes That Are Easy to Fix’ – HubSpot

Adam Franklin says, “Imagine travelling all the way to the INBOUND 2014 conference and forgetting to exchange business cards with all the people you met. You’d be kicking yourself, right? You would’ve had jovial conversations with a bunch of interesting people and probably talked some serious shop. However, if you couldn’t reconnect with any of them once you head home, you would’ve left real money on the table. Of course, this specific situation is all hypothetical … but it’s not so different than what’s happening on many people’s websites every day.... [...]

‘6 Tips to Creating an Ideal Landing Page’ – VerticalResponse Blog

Barney Garcia say, “Having a well-designed landing page will go a long way when it comes to bringing in conversions. You could have the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t communicate that effectively, you could be missing out on new business. Follow these tips and best practices the create the ideal landing page for your business. When creating a landing page, one of the first things you need to take into account is your purpose. According to Wordstream, some of the questions you should ask yourself include, “What is my end goal? Who is my audience? Where are... [...]

‘Ecommerce: 3 landing page elements to help increase product emphasis’ – ‘MarketingExperiments’ Blog

John Tackett says, “The elements on a product page are often one of the most underutilized tools a marketer has at their disposal. I say this, because let’s be honest, I’d wager few folks think of design elements on a product page in a “tool mindset.” But in some respects, that’s exactly what they are, and ultimately, that’s how you will determine the kind of customer experience you build in ecommerce. In this MarketingExperiments Blog post, I wanted to share three elements you can tweak to help emphasize important products and maybe even increase your revenue along the way”. Ecommerce:... [...]

‘The Best Landing Page Creation Tool For Bloggers’ by John Chow

Chow says, “Landing pages are critical to your business. When done the right way, they can dramatically increase your email list, attract new leads left and right, and even triple your sales. The key phrase, of course, is “when done the right way.” Because guess what? It’s really easy to do landing pages and lead generation the wrong way. The way that keeps your opt-in rates stuck in the single digits. That’s why you can count me in as yet another raving fan (joining the likes of Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, and James Schramko, among many others) of LeadPages”. The Best Landing Page... [...]

‘New Landing Pages Report in Moz Analytics’ – MOZ Blog

The latest MOZ blog post is titled “New Landing Pages Report in Moz Analytics”. Jay Leary says, “There’s been a lot of talk about what (not provided) means for SEO practitioners, with Mozzers weighing in onbroader implications and alternative strategies. When it comes down to it, we’re stuck with a frustrating predicament that’s forcing us to change our process. Activities like keyword gap analysis, editorial brainstorming, basic rank tracking, and  even SEM planning have become harder to execute”. New Landing Pages Report in Moz Analytics MOZ Blog  [...]

‘AdWords scripts: scan your landing pages and put an end to errors’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

The latest ‘Econsultancy’ blog post is titled “AdWords scripts: scan your landing pages and put an end to errors”. Daniel Gilbert says, “Welcome back to our Intro to AdWords scripts series where we’re training you to automate your account management using scripts. Landing pages with broken URLs can wreak havoc in your AdWords account. Whether the links have moved or were inputted incorrectly from the start, the outcome is the same: you’re paying for dead-end clicks. This week’s article will be an introduction to automated destination URL checking in your... [...]

‘What Is a Trust Seal, and Does Your Landing Page Need One?’ – HubSpot

The latest article on HubSpot blog is titled “What Is a Trust Seal, and Does Your Landing Page Need One?”. Ginny Soskey says, “So you’re reading up on creating your first landing page, and everything seems like a no-brainer. Great headline? Check. Form that’s the proper length? Check. Customized “submit” button? Check, check, check. Then you see “trust seals.” You stop. You’re not sure what that means or if you need to include them on your landing page. The other suggestions seem simple — this one’s out of left field. So... [...]