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Friday, September 30, 2022

Archive for the 'Cross-device marketing' Category

comScore: Mobile Matures with Cross-Platform Era

Mobile is the current hot favorite platform for the web users and marketers. Digital media usage has prospered in the era of mobile devices. comScore’s annual Cross-Platform Future in Focus report has revealed some fact and prediction on the usage of media through various devices. Andrew Lipsman, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Insights, comScore, says, “Content is crossing platforms more seamlessly than ever before, as viewers become more agnostic about how, when and where they view content. TV and digital media have already converged in many facets of the media landscape... [...]

‘Cross-Device Targeting—What to Watch for in 2017’ eMarketer Webinar January 12

eMarketer team says, “Feeling fuzzy on the latest progress on the cross-device targeting front, or hoping to get a pulse on what’s in store for 2017? Register here for a complimentary eMarketer Webinar, Cross-Device Targeting—What to Watch for in 2017. Key topics will include: How the cross-device conversation is changing from one of device matching to one of identity matching Why building a richer audience profile that factors in TV and offline data is a must Outlook for 2017: Better ad creative, push for measurement integration and more”. Webinar Details Organizer:... [...]

‘Cross-device ad tech: How to vet potential partners providing this critical stack element’ – Martech Today

Chuck Moran says, “CMOs are charged with managing a brand’s relationship with consumers, but the CMO’s most tangible relationships are more likely with the partners and service providers that comprise their full tech stack. Building, selecting, integrating and managing the right tech is the first step in understanding and interfacing with consumers. At best, both the advertising and marketing stack can help create more intimate understanding between brand and consumer. At worst, it can stand in the way. Too often, the complexity of building and managing the stack is a huge... [...]

‘Five ways to improve your cross-device marketing’ – Econsultancy

Jeff Rajeck says, “Mobilegeddon happened over a year ago.   So we have all known for quite some time now that marketing needs to work well across channels and devices. Yet, according to our most recent survey, brand marketers have not changed how they manage cross-channel data.  What’s going on? The survey In July and August of 2016, Econsultancy surveyed thousands of marketers globally to find out how they were progressing with their omnichannel strategies. When asked about how well they were able to manage data across multiple channels,more than half (51%)... [...]