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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Archive for the 'Affiliate Marketing' Category

Eclipse: Business in a Box; over 5000 sold, now free #ad

A while back, we bought Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong‘s training, Eclipse. It is training on a method to earn income from YouTube, with or without making and uploading videos.They have decided that they want to give it away now, at no charge, to anyone who needs to earn more in their online marketing business. Why would they do this? It must be an economic decision, based on how they will profit best in their business.Here’s our best guess. If you you accept their free offer, you will be added to their list of “buyers”, even though you paid $0. You have shown an interest... [...]

Hammock Suite: Automate your affiliate sales #ad

Today, Cindy Donovan releases Hammock Suite. She describes it as “a beginner friendly way to see profits without having to worry about failure”.This is completely usable by beginners. It is based on the cut and paste process, requiring no tech skills and no background in online marketing.This online marketing system is available beginning at 9 AM EST.See it in action here: Hammock Suite.Here are the five reasons Cindy is urging you to take action now:1. Completely beginner friendly2. Get physical gifts at your doorstep3. A proven and tested system4. Lets you earn while you... [...]

AffiliEngine: Possibly the easiest way to build a Sales Funnel #ad

If you want to sell multiple products to the same customer, then you need a sales funnel. New software makes it easy to build one.AffiliEngine is the first of its kind. It is a one-click funnel deployment system. If you are a marketer with no time (or no skill) to set up funnels for their businesses. It gives you the able to release a fully completed funnel with a Landing Page, Thank You page, and Download Page, all with no tech skills and virtually n time.Within seconds you will have a complete funnel up and running and delivering emails to your opt-in clients using its built in-email engine.... [...]

CompareShop builds e-com stores for comparison shoppers #ad

CompareShop was just released by Dr. Amit Pareek. This new software creates “Comparison E-com Stores (similar to stunning BizRate&tm; and Shopzilla&tm;TM ). It selects products based on you keywords and loads these products and video reviews of the products (where available) into your store automatically. This tool also includes a traffic engine to bring traffic to your site. And it’s so simple to use that in under an hour your store can be online.CompareShop optimizes your stores for good SEO.Your store’s products can include products by e-com giants such as Amazon, eBay,... [...]

[Price Rising] Build Travel Site in 5 minutes ($4 off coupon)#ad

If you’re looking for an interesting niche, one that has a long history of wide audience appeal and filled with people willing to invest in their goals, it’s hard to beat Tourism and Travel.If you are interested in marketing in this niche, there is a new WordPress site package that can get you started very 100% self-updating WP travel site:WP Travelsite was just released. It will build your travel website in just moments, and then it will maintain itself, including adding new content, automatically.The creator of this “done for you” website is only holding... [...]

Lazy Affiliate Method by Kevin Fahey, Plug and Play #ad

Lazy Affiliate Method is a complete Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing System. Fahey provides the templates, squeeze pages, thank you pages, email copy, the offers and everything any beginner or seasoned affiliate needs to start banking passive commission without doing difficult work.This new edition of proven software brings in sales on complete autopilot.Here’s how it works.Step 1 – Download and upload the Lazy Affiliate Method template to your website with a few clicks.Step 2 – Connect the list to your autoresponder.Step 3 – Import the 50-day follow up email series with one click.Step... [...]

How to create profitable authority niche websites #ad

Starting to make online sales can be daunting for a beginner, but is gets easier as an affiliate selling well-respected products for a commission payment.The best way to do that is to choose a niche (.g., golf, gardening, drones, etc.) and find products that people interested in that subject would like to buy.“But I don’t know anything about this,” you say. Well, that’s OK because the new Profitable authority niche websites training starts you from ground zero and takes you all the way to building a well-respected website in a niche selling products to people who are... [...]

Revyoo Elite: Create product review videos for affiliate sales #ad

Some people go to YouTube to be entertained, but others go to be informed. Among those looking for information are people who plan to buy something to solve a problem. They come to YouTube to learn about the products they are considering. They want to see reviews (and especially, review videos) that will show the advantages or particular products they are considering.That’s an opportunity the online marketers don’t want to miss because it can become an easy sale. Give them the information they are seeking, give them a button that says, “Click here to buy”, and if your... [...]

Revyoo: Help people decide which smartphone to buy (New) #ad

There’s an opportunity for you to become an affiliate for large companies selling physical products, such as mobile phones. If you are successful at it, there’s good money to be made.Here’s how it works:Say a Mom wants to buy a new smartphone for her daughter’s 16th birthday.1. She wants to do her due diligence, so she searches for a video comparing the most popular smartphones.2. She finds your video that compares the different brands of smartphones in a professional, succinct, informative and is easy to watch.3. Based on what she learns from you, she makes a decision,... [...]

Quit your 9 to 5 job; webinar replay still available #ad

If you are yearning to leave a boring 9 to 5 job, it is possible; there are other ways to earn a living. These other ways also require work, but in most cases, you can be your own boss in your own business. It’s not easy to make a success of your own business, though. It’s good to have a mentor to keep you on the right path.There is a new training webinar – held earlier this week – by trainers Nick Torson and Max Sylvester on earning a living online that was recorded and is available for viewing if you missed the live session: Webinar: Quit Your 9 to 5 Job.The topic?... [...]