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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Archive for the 'Green screen technology' Category

Make professional quality videos, even from your mobile device #ad

As reported yesterday, Matt Houghton and Todd Gross released Virtual Studio Simulator, software and training that put green screen videos within the reach of any marketer. No longer do you have to be rich and famous to afford green screen effects in your videos. No longer do you need a lot of expensive gear, a professional studio and plenty of time and patience. this training shows you how to create these videos with a little patience, a camera (even a cell phone camera) and some free or reasonably-priced software. Houghton’s training shows you how to make professional, attention-grabbing... [...]

Virtual Studio Simulator: Mobile video business in a box #ad

Now, you can take advantage of the power of online video to build your business (and your clients’ businesses, if you are a consultant) bigger and better than ever. You, even if you are a beginner and even if you are low on funds, can take advantage of the persuasive power of green screen videos, by adding a background you choose. You can even publish them using nothing more than your smartphone. No fancy equipment needed. Now, wherever you are, if there’s enough light to take a video with your smartphone, you can make videos and instantly get your marketing messages out to all your... [...]

Free samples of green screen background and training #ad

It used to be that only the marketer with deep pockets could make high quality green screen videos. It required expensive: • Equipment • Studio • Software But, fortunately, as technology improved the required hardware and software are going down in cost. In today’s climate, there are no tech barriers; all it requires is an enterprising marketer to see the market for less expensive versions of the ingredients of high-quality green screen videos. Matt Houghton (with the help of video star Todd Gross) has created a training course that shows you how to make professional, attractive... [...]

Incredible Green Machine: how to use green screen technology #ad

Video Experts, Matt Houghton and Todd Gross, have a new training course, Incredible Green Machine. Green screen technology, long used in TV, gives you a lot of flexibility in your videos. You can place your speaker (you or a paid representative) in front of a famous landmark, in front of a bank of TVs (like some TV anchors), a podium or anything else that fits your need. The Incredible Green Machine shows you: How to set up your virtual studio(s) using different scenes What kind of videos to make to stand out from the crowd How to get the most advantage from the videos you make. In this complete... [...]