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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Archive for the 'WordPress Tips' Category

Guide to set up Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics helps you identify the sources of web traffic to your WordPress website and to keep it growing. HubSpot columnist Kristen Baker has shared a five step guide to hep you set up Google Analytics for WordPress. Baker says, “Depending on the Google Analytics plugin you choose, set up may differ slightly. The WordPress plugin library has several options, such as Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, MonsterInsights, WooCommerce for Google Analytics, and Analytics Cat. For the sake of this example, we’re going to review how to set up Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics.... [...]

HubSpot shares four WordPress installation methods

WordPress has been very much integrated in the lives of the online marketers as it offers the easy way to publish web contents online. HubSpot’s Kristen Baker has shared four ways to install WordPress. Baker says, “WordPress is known for being one of the most popular content management system (CMS) software options available to date. One of the main reasons for this is because WordPress is easy to use and meets the needs of almost any type of website and business. Installing the CMS is a simple process that only takes about five minutes. But if you’re new to the software, installing... [...]

Here’s a list of 25 best WordPress plugins for marketers

HubSpot’s Carly Stec has compiled a list of 25 of the best WordPress plugins for marketers. The list includes plugins like Jet Pack, The SEO Framework, Just Writing, Pretty Link, Google XML Sitemaps and more.  Stec says, “Did you know there are over 56,000 WordPress plugins available today? WordPress plugins allow you to enhance your website’s functionality by adding features and capabilities that don’t come standard with the system. From writing tools to SEO tips to analytics, WordPress plugins will help you arrive at any solution you’re seeking, all while keeping your... [...]

5-step guide to fixing WordPress mixed content warnings

To make the Internet surfing safer HTTPS has been made a necessary element for the websites. When a site loads both HTTPS and HTTP scripts or content, user’s web browsers show mixed content warning. Kinsta contributor Brian Jackson has shared a five-step guide to help webmasters quickly fix these mixed content warnings. Jackson says, “Follow the simple steps below to fix your WordPress mixed content warnings. This assumes you have already done the following: Installed an SSL certificate Redirected HTTP to HTTPS (sitewide) We’ll be using our development site ( in the... [...]

Three Tips to Build a Better WordPress Website

When it comes to online publishing, people go for ready to set up and use content management systems and WordPress is most popular among them. With WordPress, people can make beautiful and interactive websites. Copyblogger writer Jerod Morris has shared three tips to build a better WordPress websites. Morris says, “You can’t build a successful website with one inspired 48-hour work binge over a weekend. You can’t even do it by taking an entire month, or even three or four, to focus on nothing but your website. Not if you want your success to sustain beyond those three or four months. Sure,... [...]

Use These WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts

The WordPress Plugins page features 50,706 plugins. Many bloggers publish list of great plugins for various categories. These plugins make your blogging journey smooth and fruitful. AWeber’ Sam Hollis has shared a list of seventeen WordPress plugins that help marketers improve their email marketing efforts. Hollis says, “If WordPress is your Content Management System (CMS), there are a ton of ways you can use the tool to level up your marketing and achieve greater success. With WordPress plugins, you can do things like supercharge your list building efforts, make your website more... [...]

Unsplash Updates Its Photo Usage License

Unsplash, provider of free high-resolution photos, has updated its license for the use of its photos over web. Earlier, the site used to allow publishers to copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes. The site’s new license has restricted the modification and replication of the photos. Unsplash’s new license: “All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, although it is appreciated... [...]

Building a Successful WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most popular website building tool available online. According to ManageWP, 26% of the total sites run on WordPress. Entrepreneur writer Chris Carfi has posted some useful tips on how to host and manage successful WordPress sites. On keeping your WordPress site up to date with fresh content, Carfi says, “The saying goes that “Content is king,” and it’s true. Regularly publishing high-quality, relevant content that your readers will find engaging is a surefire key to success. So, consider putting an editorial calendar in place to coordinate your efforts,... [...]

‘How to Move Your WordPress Website to a New Host With No Downtime’ – Elegant Themes

John Hughes says, “Moving your website from one host to another is often touted as a complicated process, but it can actually be quite simple. All it takes is a few steps, and your site will be up and running once more – this time on a different (and better) host. The only trick lies in pulling off the process with no downtime. If there’s one thing you never want your website to be, it’s down for the count. The good news is you’ll only need five steps – as we’ll show you in this piece. However, before that let’s take a moment to talk about the dangers of downtime, and what... [...]

’20 Hidden WordPress Features You Might Not Know About’ – Elegent Themes Blog

Shaun Quarton says, “If you use WordPress regularly, you probably have a good handle on how everything works. However, a little digging is required to access WordPress’ functionalities in full. You might not realize there are plenty of “hidden” WordPress features – some more hidden than others. In today’s post, I’m going to uncover 20 of these hidden WordPress features, so that you can get the maximum from the world’s most popular CMS. This post is primarily targeted at WordPress beginners. If, however, you consider yourself to be a WordPress dab hand, you might still learn... [...]