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Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Internet Marketing Technology ’ Category

MailZingo Autoresponder fits your budget, Increases ROI #ad

Dr. Amit Pareek (a familiar name to our readers) was able to increase the ROI on his promotional emails by changing the autoresponder he uses. Dr. Pareek is making approximately $300,000 per year from email marketing and has been using email marketing for many years. After having account trouble at two well-known commercial autoresponder companies, […]

How to build a software business if you don’t know beans about bytes #ad

It’s true Bill Gates knew a little about programming, but Lou Gerstner didn’t, and he converted IBM from simply a hardware company into one of the mightiest software companies of the 20th century. You can build your own software company, too, even if you have no technical skills. Management skills and marketing skills are more […]

Ready Launch Profit – Sales Funnel: whole funnel ready to go #ad

Rohit Thakur has built a profitable sales funnel on the topic of list-building and is offering it to you for a low price, far less than if you built it yourself. This funnel, the Ready Launch Profit – Sales Funnel, which sells a series of videos on List-building, includes: 1. A blog, where you write […]

Improving your WiFi access in office or home? Don’t believe everything you read.

In my office, I have some dead spots, where the WiFi signal doesn’t reach very well. The result is that the speed drops significantly, or sometimes even stops altogether. That can be bad news for your efficiency. So, I am interested in whatever can be done to improve our WiFi results, including an article I […]

WP Real Time Mouse Tracker shows you what your site users are doing #ad

Don Westendorp wanted to know more about how visitors used his site. But he found that although there are programs that track people’s movements on the site, their information is limited and hard to extract and interpret, so he built Don’s WP Real Time Mouse Tracker to give the data you need so you can […]

White Label PLR Videos: HTML 5 Training for you and your clients #ad

Steve Dougherty is an experienced creator of training videos. This fourth volume tackles the timely subject of HTML 5, the new standard for website building. Every webmaster in the world needs to understand HTML 5, and site owners like us marketers, need to understand the basics, too. Dougherty’s White Label PLR Videos Volume 04 lets […]