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Saturday, March 28, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Internet Advertising Tiips ’ Category

Seven programmatic buying best practices

The term programmatic buying refers to the process of using algorithms to process the purchases online. It has been an in thing for several years now. As we have already entered in the new year, its time to go through the ways we can enhance our programmatic buying efforts. Econsultancy team has shared seven best […]

Programmatic native ads: three reason to use

Programmatic native ads provide people with positive user experiences, and they result in better performing ads for publishers and advertisers. Marketing Land contributor Grace Kaye has shared three reasons why marketers should use programmatic native ads. Kaye says, “Doing native ads programmatically means you get many of the benefits of programmatic display: automated media buying, effective targeting and audience […]

Here’re eleven predictions about programmatic advertising in 2018

Programmatic ad segment is growing continuously. It comprises online ads and video to digital out-of-home, streaming, voice and TV. According to Forbes, programmatic advertising enables better targeting of prospects, more highly relevant ads and higher quality conversions. Econsultancy’s Ben Davis has shared eleven trends that might be seen in the next year. Davis says, “What a […]

Strategies to track the offline impact of programmatic spend

Econsultancy columnist Ben Davis has published five experts’ views on ways to track the offline impact of programmatic spend. Sameer Modha, head of data at DigitasLBi says, “This varies hugely by category; the ideal thing is to find a data source of individually-linkable, category-wide, reasonably large-scale sales data to measure against. In CPG, the loyalty card […]

Econsultancy’s guide to keep your brand safe in a programmatic world

Programmatic advertising is a method by which ads are bought and sold like search ads on Google—auction based, with the buyer paying whatever price an ad is worth at a given moment. This form of marketing enables brands to gain more efficiency from their digital marketing efforts. Econsultancy columnist Ray Jenkin has published a short guide […]

Econsultancy highlights five programmatic advertising trends

Programmatic advertising  refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising. According to recent eMarketer estimates, in 2017, programmatic display ad spend will reach nearly $33 billion. And by 2018, three-quarters of video ad dollars will transact programmatically. To help marketers learn more about the programmatic, Econulstancy writer Seán Donnelly has highlighted five programmatic advertising trends from his interview […]

Report: Brands reducing their digital advertising budgets

According to Statista, the global digital advertising expenditure is expected to reach $229.25 billion in 2017 and by 2020 it would grow to $335.5 billion. This shows positive signs for those who are into Internet advertising business. On the other hand, Econsultancy’s Patricio Robles has compiled updates on global brands cutting their digital advertising budgets. For […]

How to set-up direct-buy programmatic campaign

With direct-buy programmatic campaign you can enhance your marketing revenues. Econsultancy writer James Cristal has shared three steps to setting up a direct-buy programmatic campaign. Cristal says, “The three-step process describes from the perspective of an advertiser, the best approach to setting up direct-buy programmatic campaigns… Step 1: Locate and understand your publisher There are a whole […]

All You Should Know About Programatic Advertising

According to Zenith Media, the programmtic ad market has been growing at an average rate of 71% per year for the past five years. The form of advertising is will reach $64 billion dollar in 2018. Econsultancy’s Jeff Rajeck has shared an article on how marketers deal with programmatic ads. He has reported the advice from Hari […]

‘Where does your programmatic spend go?’ – Marketing Land

Grace Kaye says, “The question of where programmatic spend goes has stumped advertisers since the dawn of programmatic. I thought it was time to try to answer it, as simply as possible. I’m sharing this partly in response to the recent headline that “60 percent of programmatic spend is wasted.” Undoubtedly there are campaigns out there […]