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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Archive for the 'Instagram Advertising' Category

Postley: Complete Facebook & Instagram Traffic Software #ad

Postley is a 20-in-1 App to get more traffic from your social posts and Ads. Together, Facebook and Instagram can be powerful marketing platforms all marketers should test. This new software, being released today by Jai Sharma can boost your success with both platforms. Postley offers these sophisticated capabilities: ✔️ Powerful Ads Spy: Find Best Performing Ads on Facebook and Instagram for Any Keyword. ✔️ Power to Find a Hyper-Targeted hidden FB Audience which is not visible in Ads Manager ✔️ 500+ D.F.Y. Templates that are Proven to Convert ✔️ Smart Ads Creator ✔️ Social... [...]

Four Ways to Create Cost-Effective Instagram Ads

Well designed Instagram ads can help you to increase your brand recognition as you are able to engage with a large and diverse audience of potential consumers through ads. Social Media Examiner‘s Susan Wenograd has shared four ways to create cost-effective Instagram ads funnel. Wenograd says, “Wondering how to build an effective ads funnel on Instagram? Looking for tips to choose the right objectives or targeting audiences? In this article, you’ll find four ways to optimize your Instagram ads funnel for different stages of the customer journey. #1: Design Your Customer Funnel Around... [...]

Five Ways to Improving Instagram Video Ads

Instagram video ads help you to reach your targeted audience. With high engagement rate on Instagram, your video ads investment can help you to grow your marketing performance. Social Media Examiner‘s Mitt Ray has shared five ways to help you improve your Instagram video ads. Ray says, “Want to do more with Instagram video ads? Wondering how to enhance your Instagram video ads? In this article, you’ll discover five tips to create Instagram video ads that perform well in the feed. #1: Focus on One Goal in Your Instagram Video Ad Advertisers often think that to generate maximum ROI... [...]

Instamplate: Shoppers go to Instagram for ideas. Be there for them #ad

InstamPlate is a professional collection of templates for e-commerce Instagram posts. It includes 100 Instagram post templates that can be easily edited using PowerPoint. The collection includes: • Sale templates • Food templates • Discount templates • Refreshment templates • Online store templates They come with graphics you can use, but you can also use PowerPoint to replace the graphics with others you need. Remove pizza; insert taco, etc. These can be the foundation of a service business to local merchants, managing their Instagram accounts and publishing their sales... [...]

Instagram Launches Branded Content Ads

The Instagram team has announced the launch of Branded Content Ads on its ad network. This new addition will allow the Instagram advertisers to promote organic branded content posts as feed ads. Instagram has provided step-by-step instructions for both businesses and creators. The Instagram team says, “Starting today, we’re introducing the ability for advertisers to promote creators’ organic branded content posts as feed ads. Branded content is an evolving ecosystem. As we’ve worked to build the right tools for both business and creators involved in branded content deals,... [...]

Instagram to provide full screen support for ads in Instagram Stories

Instagram has started providing full screen support for all ads in Instagram Stories. This new change will allow advertisers to run ads easily across Instagram. On ‘How It Works’, the Instagram team says, “When a business uploads a single photo or a video under 15 seconds within Instagram Feed aspect ratios, Instagram will automatically provide full screen support for this content on Instagram Stories. Whether exclusively or across multiple placements, advertisers can seamlessly reach people across Instagram and Facebook. • Our pixel matching technology will automatically select... [...]

The price of InstaCrusher doubles in a few hours #ad

If you want to generate streams of free Instagram traffic, check out InstaCrusher before the launch pricing ends tonight. Instagram can send you loads of traffic to any target site you want: e-commerce, ClickBank, JVZoo and Amazon stores. Did you know that some people are making $29,993 per month with Instagram? That’s not typical, but it shows you want can be done on Instagram. And some people (again not typical) are getting 15,305 free followers per day (all organic). With the power of Instagram, you can build your own business if you know how and have the right tools. That’s were... [...]

Everything you should know about Instagram advertising

Instagram has presented a huge marketing and advertising opportunity for the brands and marketers. With its rising audience, it can be rewarding to use this network for advertising. Entrepreneur magazine team has published an article highlighting the information featuring the advantages and techqniues of advertising on Instagram. On how the Instagram advertising works, the Entrepreneur team says, “When an Instagram user scrolls through the pictures from their friends, they will see sponsored posts interspersed between the photos. Sponsored posts look almost identical to regular posts, with... [...]

Instagram now has 2 million monthly advertisers

Instagram has announced that how it has 2 million advertisers. In March 2017, Instagram had 1 million advertisers. According to Instagram team, people spent 80% more time watching video on Instagram and the number of videos produced per day has increased by 4X from last year. On making pitch perfect videos, the Instagram team says, “In anticipation of the year’s biggest movie, La La Land, Lionsgate UK (@lionsgatemoviesuk) wanted to jazz up the launch with a series of vibrant, thumb-stopping videos made specifically for Instagram. Adapting the stunning visuals and sound from the box... [...]