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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Archive for the 'E-Commerce' Category

The Definitive Guide to eCommerce SEO for 2020 [Guide]

SEMrush contributor Maria Kalyadina has published ‘The Definitive Guide to eCommerce SEO for 2020’.This comprehensive guide offers advice on how to develop an SEO strategy for ecommerce websites and provides tips and strategies to optimize your site effectively.This guide covers the following:Why SEO Is Important for Your eCommerce SiteKeyword Research for eCommerce WebsitesOn-Page SEO for eCommerce WebsitesTechnical SEO for eCommerce WebsitesHow to Fix Common Technical SEO Issues on eCommerce WebsitesContent Marketing for eCommerce SitesLink Building for eCommerce SitesLocal... [...]

‘How to Achieve Ultimate E-commerce Balance’ Webinar April 16 [Webinar]

According to a We Are Social and Hootsuite report, the number of global internet users reached 4.39 billion in 2019. There was an increase of 366 million (9 percent) internet users as compared with January 2018. Retail Dive is hosting a webinar on ‘How to Achieve Ultimate E-commerce Balance’ on Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 10.00 am EDT.Retail Dive team says, “We surveyed more than 8,000 online consumers about key influencers on their purchasing, and customers overwhelmingly responded that shipping and returns play a key role in their buying decision-making process.In... [...]

Ways to Get More E-commerce Product Reviews

Your e-commerce business can grow faster with customer support. By getting customer reviews for the products you are selling, you can win trust of the new prospects and boost your sales. Jeff Bullas has shared five ways to get more e-commerce product reviews for growing your business.Bullas says, “Your customers have busy lives, and unless they are very unsatisfied with your product (or have a lot of time on their hands) they are not going to review your products without direction, a reminder or an incentive. It is up to you to get your customers to leave a review on your eCommerce... [...]

An eCommerce Guide to Building Customer Loyalty and Improving Retention [E-book]

Customer acquisition is the key element in building and growing your e-commerce business. Also you need a strong policy to retain those customers for long term.Rakuten team has published new e-book ‘Hello Again! An eCommerce Guide to Building Customer Loyalty and Improving Retention’ to help you improve your customer loyalty and retention. Rakuten team says, “Successful eCommerce businesses know — more important than finding new customers is KEEPING current customers coming back!Make 2020 your most profitable year yet, by focusing on customer loyalty to increase... [...]

Analyzing the Impact of Data on E-commerce in 2020

Data matters a lot in today’s business environment. The customer journey begins with the data submission and continues till they remain with your company. There are long lasting effects of data on your e-commerce performance. Practical Ecommerce contributor Anna Kayfitz has shared seven ways big data will impact e-commerce this year. Kayfitz says, “As ecommerce grows, so does the data that is stored. Only a fraction of that data is utilized, however. But that will likely change, as data scientists are getting better at merging, standardizing, and analyzing.All of this... [...]

MateStore: High Quality E-Commerce WordPress Theme #ad

Astroblu, the theme development company, has just released a new WordPress theme for eCommerce sites: MateStore.If you want to sell products from your site, either as a product developer or as an affiliate, consider this new theme.MateStore lets you display up to 30 Pages of your products. It has 52 useful shortcodes built in, and a Drag & Drop Page Builder with Seamless Instant Actions Technology.This means you can now create almost any kind of E-Commerce Sites, including Amazon or eBay affiliate sites for your online marketing. There is an upgrade that lets you build unlimited sites for... [...]

Practical Ecommerce Shares Most Popular Posts of the Year

Practical Ecommerce contributor Kerry Murdock has shared the most popular posts of the year.Murdock says, “We’ve published roughly 500 articles in 2019. What follows is our annual list of the 25 most popular based on the number of page views.Articles related to search engine optimization remain, collectively, the most read. Other leading topics include Google Ads, social media, content marketing, analytics and data, Amazon, and platform and infrastructure issues.It’s worth noting that many of our articles identify early trends or practices that eventually gain wider traction.... [...]

CompareShop builds e-com stores for comparison shoppers #ad

CompareShop was just released by Dr. Amit Pareek. This new software creates “Comparison E-com Stores (similar to stunning BizRate&tm; and Shopzilla&tm;TM ). It selects products based on you keywords and loads these products and video reviews of the products (where available) into your store automatically. This tool also includes a traffic engine to bring traffic to your site. And it’s so simple to use that in under an hour your store can be online.CompareShop optimizes your stores for good SEO.Your store’s products can include products by e-com giants such as Amazon, eBay,... [...]

Strategies to Improve Your E-commerce Conversion Rates

Your e-commerce conversion rate reflects the percentage of website visitors who purchased something from your online store. You need to look for newer tactics to boost your conversion rates in the increasingly competitive digital buying world.Unbounce contributor Olivia Ross-Taylor has shared twelve rules to help you improve your e-commerce conversion rate.Taylor says, “Would you be frustrated if you discovered that tonsof your potential customers are leaving your e-commerce website (and that your conversion rates are in the pits) because of a poor visitor experience?Unfortunately, that’s... [...]

Flip Magic: Build online business selling unusual items #ad

Flip Magic was just released by Art flair and Vick Carty.If you’ve been looking for a reliable way to build your online business, this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for.With Flip Magic, Carty and Flair say, you don’t need a website, a mailing list, or even know how to generate traffic. You can get started now and possibly have sales as soon as tomorrow.The key to this kind of speed is to let other people do all the time-consuming (and difficult) work for you.The idea is that you are the “middle-man” between the person with the product(s) you are selling and the... [...]