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Friday, July 23, 2021

Archive for the 'Google My Business' Category

Google My Business: What It Is, How To Use It, and Why [MOZ]

MOZ contributor Miriam Ellis has published an article titled ‘Google My Business: What It Is, How To Use It, and Why’. She says, “Today, we’re doing foundational learning! Share this simple, comprehensive article with incoming clients and team members to get off on the right foot with this important local business digital asset. An introduction to the basics of Google My Business First, let’s get on the same page regarding what Google My Business is and how to be part of it. What is GMB eligibility? Eligibility to be listed within the Google My Business setting is governed... [...]

GMB Posting Magic: Grandma shares how she earns $200/month, per client #ad

Jeanne Kolenda just released GMB Posting Magic, her method for working with local clients to earn consistent, repeat income. And she says it is all on auto-pilot. She helps them with Google my Business (GMB). Many have never heard of it, but she shows them how it can increase their business in their home town dramatically. When they understand they invest, and the way she has set up the service for them, they pay over and over. Some have been her clients for three years. Here is one example she mentions: Since I had started posting daily on this client’s GMB, his search volume had increased by... [...]

Google My Business & Local SEO in 2021 [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal’s Brent Csutoras has published a new podcast episode ‘Google My Business & Local SEO in 2021’ featuring Loren Baker and Greg Gifford. He says, “First off, they discuss the recent add-ons for Google My Business for auto dealers when it comes to inventory. Second, the ability to sync Google My Business and Google Merchant Center to highlight products available at different locations. Then they get deeper into things like Service Areas, safety precautions, combatting spam and other happenings within GMB management. Today’s episode of the Search Engine... [...]

Checklist to Handle Google My Business Spam

SEMrush contributor Blake Denman has published a handy checklist for managing Google My Business spam. He says, “There are two checklists: one for identifying potential listings violating Google My Business guidelines and the other is a reporting checklist. The first checklist doesn’t need to be done frequently, but it would be beneficial to do it at least once. If your rank tracking is set up correctly for Google Maps, you will likely just need to pay attention to your map rankings. If you drop a position on a major keyword, what listing is outranking you now? If it’s a new listing,... [...]

MOZ Highlights 10 Changes That Impacted Google My Business in 2020

MOZ contributor Colan Nielsen has published an article highlighting 10 changes that impacted Google My Business in 2020. He says, “2020 has been a busy year for Google My Business (GMB). Since January, Google has launched new features, fixed bugs, and had to adapt to the global pandemic. At Sterling Sky, we think it’s important to keep track of all the changes that happen in the local search space in general, and that impact GMB specifically. So far in 2020 we are up to 54 changes. As you can tell, changes that impact Google My Business came at a fast pace — and at high volume — in... [...]

Google launches new Google My Business app

Google has launched a new version of the Google My Business app. The company has released a video to introduce the new app. Curtis Galloway, Engineering Manager, Google My Business, says, “The world has changed a lot since Galloway Lumber Company first opened its doors for business, and now more and more people start online to look for places to eat, visit and shop. Every month, Google connects people to businesses nearby more than 9 billion times, including over 1 billion phone calls and 3 billion direction requests to stores. When we built the Google My Business app, we wanted to make... [...]

Google My Business Agency Dashboard Is Here

Google has launched the Google My Business Agency Dashboard to allow businesses manage Google listings for multiple locations. Talking about the features of Google My Business Agency Dashboard Aditya Tendulkar, Product Manager, Google My Business, says, “Here’s a look at what you can do with the new Dashboard: Manage all your locations under one account: All registered agencies can now manage thousands of locations within a single Organization Account with fast performance—you’re no longer limited to 100 locations per account. Send and receive invitations to manage listings: The... [...]

How agenecies can use Google My Business

Google My Business Product Management Director Anita Yuen has published an article on making Google My Business work for agency and platform partners. Justifying the objectives of GMB, Yuen says, “We always strive to make our products simple and intuitive for small businesses, but many businesses are strapped for time and rely on third-party agencies and platforms to help manage their online presence. Today, at the Local Search Association conference in Chicago, IL, we’re announcing a few improvements aimed at making it easier for agencies and partners to manage Google listings with... [...]

MOZ’s guide to optimize your Google My Business listing

MOZ columnist Sherry Bonelli has republished the MOZ’s guide to optimize your Google My Business listing. It has been updated on May 1, 2018. Bonelli says, “Many local businesses just claim their GMB listing and forget about it. What most businesses don’trealize is that there are a variety of other features Google gives you that you can use to optimize your Google My Business listing and several reasons why you should frequently check your business listing to ensure that its accuracy stays intact. Want to know more? Complete all the information Google asks for There are a variety... [...]

HubSpot’s guide to Google My Business

HubSpot’s Aja Frost has published a free guide to Google My Business. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of GMB and tips to use it for marketing success. Frost says, “If you’re just getting started with local SEO, your Google My Business listing is a great place to focus your early efforts. After all, when people search for a product or service near them, they’re usually very close to making a purchase — one in two people who conduct a local search (think “watch repair near me”) visit a store that day. So it’s important the information about... [...]