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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Archive for the 'Google Analytics metrics' Category

Semrush Lists 35 Google Analytics Insights

Semrush contributor Michelle Ofiwe has published an article listing 35 insights that Google Analytics can give you about your website. She says, “In Google Analytics, a metric is a single, measurable piece of data. Metrics can appear in sums or ratios. Some common Google Analytics metrics include pages per session, screen views, bounce rate, and time on page. Insight 1: Active Users on Site This metric indicates how many active users are on your site in real-time. You can also use this metric to double-check if you’ve set up Google Analytics correctly on your website. Insight 2: Top... [...]

A Guide To Cross-Domain Tracking in Google Analytics [Guide]

Cross-domain tracking refers to the process of tracking multiple domains in a single Google Analytics property. It allows you to collect data from multiple websites into a single reporting view. Conversion Uplift contributor Neal Cole has published ‘A Guide To Cross-Domain Tracking in Google Analytics’ to help you extend your Google Analytics coverage and improve your marketing performance. Cole says, “You won’t need cross-domain tracking when users go between different sub-domains. Sub-domains are used to categorise different sections... [...]

How to Track Facebook Ads in Google Analytics [Video]

Google Analytics platform helps you to track your website performance to improve user experience. You can also track your Facebook ads using this platform. 99 Signals’ Sandeep Mallya has published a video highlighting how you can track your Facebook ads with Google Analytics. Mallya says, “Do you use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website? Then you’d probably know you can’t always rely on Facebook Insights to provide you with accurate data. This is where you need Google Analytics, which provides a more accurate picture of traffic stats from Facebook... [...]

Using Google Analytics to Analyze Your YouTube Marketing Capaigns

The Google Analytics platform is immensely helpful in interpreting the effectiveness of your websites and the campaigns that you run to promote your products and services. The Social Media Examiner contributor Chris Mercer has shared a step-by-step guide to help you use Google Analytics to analyze and assess the effectiveness of your YouTube marketing. On analyzing your YouTube channel traffic, Mercer says, “When your channel has lots of users, Google Analytics reports can tell you how people find and use your YouTube channel. You see this information by first making sure your filtered... [...]

Tips to get accurate data using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important tool that helps brands and marketers identify the sources of their web traffic and develop the strategies to get more visitors. Econsultancy columnist Tim Morris has shared some useful tips for marketers to filter out spam traffic to get accurate data using Google Analytics. Morris says, “Google is actually very good at empowering developers to interact with their tools in novel ways – for Google Analytics this means allowing hits to be reported from sources that aren’t necessarily websites. That’s what the Measurement Protocol... [...]

Google Analytics to feature four new features for better measurement

Google Analytics is going to add four new features to provide webmasters better ways to measure their site performance. The new features will allow them to focus on users in reporting, measure lifetime metrics and dimensions for every user, reach users most likely to convert and more. On how to focus on users in the reports, Google’s Gene Chan says, “Analytics standard reports have been updated to focus on your users. User metrics are an essential way to understand engagement with your customers, especially those who may have multiple sessions across multiple days. With our updated... [...]

MOZ’s Guide to Direct Traffic in Google Analytics

MOZ columnist Tom Bennet has published the Complete Guide to Direct Traffic in Google Analytics. This guide is aimed at helping marketers and webmasters understand the ways they can analyze sources of direct traffic using Google Analytics. Bennet says, “When it comes to direct traffic in Analytics, there are two deeply entrenched misconceptions. The first is that it’s caused almost exclusively by users typing an address into their browser (or clicking on a bookmark). The second is that it’s a Bad Thing, not because it has any overt negative impact on your site’s... [...]

Here’s what you should know about Google Analytics metrics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful web analytics applications that help marketers strategies their marketing efforts. Various Google Analytics metrics help us make right decisions. Marketing Land contributor Stephen Murphy has shared the details of four deceptive Google Analytics metrics which should be considered with care. Murphy says, “For retailers, popular KPIs include Conversion Rate, Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value. KPIs only make up a tiny percentage of the overall metrics available to marketers. Anyone who has logged into Google Analytics can... [...]