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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Archive for the 'Email marketing optimisation' Category

SnapMailPro: Automate all your email marketing ($1 trial) #ad

There’s new email software (with human support to do a lot of the work for you) just announced. It’s called SnapMailPro, and it is the only Done-for-You Email Marketing solution.They not only are offering innovative email software; they will do the work to get the software ready to use in your business.With SnapMailPro and their set-up help, you’ll earn more profits, save time, and eliminate technology-related hassles.The SnapMailPro team is experienced in email marketing and implements the best email practices when they work for you, including:• segmentation,• A/B testing,•... [...]

Email marketing optimisation: five questions answered

Email marketing is seeing a great jump in the Return on Investment in last couple of years. Marketers earn $44 against each dollar spent on email campaigns.To help marketers discover more ways to enhance their success in email marketing, Econsultancy columnist Ben Davis has shared answers to five prominent email marketing questions.Davis says, “The latest in our ‘ask the expert’ series focuses on a core skill in the digital marketer’s skillset – email optimisation.We grilled three of the loveliest experts we know – Kath Pay (Holistic Email Marketing), Parry... [...]