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Monday, August 10, 2020

Archive for the 'Ecommerce Marketing' Category

Dropshiply: A dropshipping business without the pain #ad

People need stuff, all kinds of stuff: clothes,food, automotive accessories, entertainment equipment, pet supplies, and hundreds of other types of products.Each of these many niches provides a chance for you to build a store selling hundreds or thousands of products in the niche.All you need now is an easy way to:■ Build your store,■ Find products to sell■ Manage your store (including price setting and changes and out of stock adjustments)■ Manage orders (including shipping the product)■ Manage your customer listOf course, if you use dropshipping (you advertise the product and... [...]

Build your dropshipping business with Dropshiply #ad

Dropshipping is a marketing technique for selling physical products that have to be shipped to buyers.In typical retail, you, the seller, buy a collection of products for your online (or offline) shop, then store them until someone buys. In dropshipping, the manufacturer or wholesale distributor holds the products. When you receive an order, you instruct them to ship it directly to your customer’s address. You never take physical possession of the product.That has two big advantages for you:1. You don’t have to buy the product before you make the sale, so you don’t need as... [...]

Easy Arbitrage still available to build your business #ad

We told you yesterday about the new Easy Arbitrage solution for building an online business from scratch.To dig into it and its potential value for our readers, we purchased access to it ourselves.Here’s a picture of the member dashboard. Notice the menu at the top of the site, laying out the tools you can use to find products or services you can “leverage” to build your business, as well as traffic sources to find people interested in your niche. You use the software to locate products or services that you can resell at a profit.Some of these tools are available in the basic... [...]

Easy Arbitrage: Don’t build, Buy; Buy Low, Sell High #ad

“Arbitrage” is just a fancy word for the normal activity of thousands of businesses. They buy products at a wholesale or “insider” price and then resell them at a higher retail price.The major sellers of books, music and movies on eBay do just that, for example. They find low-cost sources for products their customers like, then buy them, advertise them and sell them for a profit.The point is that this is both normal and something any marketer can do, and it works for both products and services. You may need a little training on what products are easy to sell, where to... [...]

Strategies to Improve Your E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing drives awareness and action toward a business that sells its product or service electronically. You can use social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns in e-commerce marketing to get visitors and facilitate purchases online. Ahrefs contributor Si Quan Ong has shared six proven e-commerce marketing strategies to help your improve your business.Ong says, “Ecommerce marketing is the process of using marketing tactics to drive awareness and acquire customers for an online store.These tactics are typically online (digital marketing), but they can... [...]

Flip Magic: Build online business selling unusual items #ad

Flip Magic was just released by Art flair and Vick Carty.If you’ve been looking for a reliable way to build your online business, this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for.With Flip Magic, Carty and Flair say, you don’t need a website, a mailing list, or even know how to generate traffic. You can get started now and possibly have sales as soon as tomorrow.The key to this kind of speed is to let other people do all the time-consuming (and difficult) work for you.The idea is that you are the “middle-man” between the person with the product(s) you are selling and the... [...]

Descova: Find good products for your e-commerce store #ad

For an e-commerce site to succeed, several things are needed (traffic, of course, being one of them), but an absolute “must” is a selection of good products that are proven sellers.New software, Descova, that was just released, lets you instantly do product and niche searches so you can quickly fill your stores with good products.With Descova, you can discover new, trending products with one click.All you have to do is use its convenient dashboard to search multiple e-commerce platforms, including Aliexpress and BestBuy, at the same time.It brings back all the information about... [...]

ArbiMate: Use arbitrage to sell on Amazon #ad

Arbitrage is finding goods for sale at a low price, then selling them to buyers willing to pay a higher price. On Amazon, you can find buyers (millions of them) eager to buy almost anything of value. If you can find products at prices most people never see, you can use Amazon’s wide reach to sell for a profit.Amazon has good prices; it’s true, but they are not always the lowest price seller. That’s where your opportunity arises. For example, often has individual items for lower prices than Amazon.But it can be a difficult, time-consuming process to find the items... [...]

GrooveKart slashes your eCom store expenses ($50 Coupon) #ad

Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta– both are experienced product developers–just launched GrooveKart.This new shopping cart software can help you build your online store and then run the store while saving big bucks compared with other shopping carts, such as Volusion, Magento or Square (or even Shopify.) It is priced for small businesses.All eCommerce merchants need shopping cart software to let customers select the items they want to buy and then checkout.GrooveKart gives you:► Many built-in apps that other carts charge extra for, including funnels, upsell and downsell offers, professional... [...]

HubSpot’s short guide to ‘Ecommerce Marketing’

HubSpot columnist Braden Becker has published a short guide on ‘Ecommerce Marketing’. It covers the some common marketing channels and guides marketers on how they need to use those channels. Becker says, “Ecommerce marketing is just one community of marketers who can use the principles of digital and inbound marketing to convert visitors into customers. However, ecommerce marketers don’t necessarily use these marketing channels the same way a traditional brand or content marketer would.To give you a sense of what an ecommerce marketing strategy looks like, here are... [...]