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Friday, November 25, 2022

Archive for the 'Digital Marketing Tactics' Category

Digital Marketing Skills for Today & Tomorrow [Podcast]

Digital Marketing Institute has published a new podcast episode ‘Digital Marketing Skills for Today & Tomorrow’ featuring Mischa McInerney. The DMI team says, “In this episode, host Will Francis chats with DMI’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mischa McInerney about where she sees a clear need for marketing skills today, especially in roles that didn’t exist 10 ago – e.g. in automation, omnichannel, CRO, data science. A recent survey by DMI of 500 CMOs saw similar patterns of needs and gaps in marketing skills around the world. So what are... [...]

Data Insights in Digital Marketing [Podcast]

Digital Marketing Institute has published a new podcast episode ‘Data Insights in Digital Marketing’ featuring Will Francis and Chris Penn. The DMI team says, “As modern marketers, we are swamped by numbers coming from all directions. How do we manage all this data, demystify it, and use it to our best advantage? Host Will Francis chats with Chris Penn to look at data from different and interesting angles. They talk about Regression analysis, using R and Python, GA4 and GDPR, along with lots of interesting real world metaphors! Chris also offers 5 key takeaways... [...]

2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Report [Report]

Contentsquare has published the  ‘2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Report’. Download this report to explore the following: Insights into where you fall within your industry’s competitive landscape Expert analysis and guidance to improve your digital CX and help your brand stand out Strategic data to help you make informed updates to your digital strategy. 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Report Contentsquare  [...]

Digital Marketing And Cybersecurity [Video]

Ignite Visibility has published a new video ‘Digital Marketing And Cybersecurity: 4 Ways to Protect Your Company’ sharing some useful tips. The Ignite Visibility team says, “Cybersecurity and digital marketing are colliding more than ever before! With cybersecurity threats on the rise, how are you keeping your company safe and secure? In this video, John discusses 4 ways to protect your company.” Ignite Visibility  [...]

21 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business [Video]

You can take your business to new heights with the right digital marketing tools. Watch Aurelius Tjin’s video ’21 Useful Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business’ where he shares information about some useful marketing tools. He says, “In this video, you’ll learn 21 useful DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS to grow your business. I’ve compiled some of the best digital marketing tools I’ve come across as well as some which I think are underrated. These tools and services are categorized under marketing, creating, and productivity.”  [...]

15 Digital Marketing Tools for You

Your marketing results can be improved with the help of the right tools and strategies. In the era of mobile, you need to be choosy when it comes to the selection of such tools. Search Engine Journal contributor Darrell Williams has published an article highlighting 15 digital marketing tools. He says, “Here are 15 of the most popular digital marketing tools on the market right now (in no particular order) and why they’re indispensable to many. 1. Canva Steve Jobs once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Canva makes creating design elements simple with... [...]

HubSpot Highlights Five Free Digital Marketing Courses [Video]

HubSpot has published a new video ‘The 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses You Can Take For FREE!’ highlighting five useful digital marketing courses available for free. The HubSpot team says, “If you’ve ever wanted to take online courses but not sure where to begin then this video is for you! We’re going over the 5 best digital marketing courses and covering what you’ll learn in each one. HubSpot has an entire library of free courses you can take and receive a certification to add to your resume. Make sure to click the link below and sign up! Want to see weekly... [...]

11 Useful Digital Marketing Tools [Video]

To improve your marketing performance, you need the right set of tools that you can use for a variety of functions. In his latest video ’11 USEFUL Digital Marketing Tools When You Have No Team’, Neil Patel has shared information about some useful tools that you can use. He says, “11 digital marketing tools when you have no team. I want you to try out these 11 useful digital marketing tools, especially if you have no team to help you out. Marketing has so many moving parts and it’s expensive to hire people, especially because of that great resignation that ended up happening... [...]

HubSpot on Starting A Career in Digital Marketing In 2022

Digital marketing has become a lucrative career option for many. With the right mindset and proper knowledge, you can carve a path for yourself in this domain. HubSpot has published a new video ‘How to Start A Career in Digital Marketing In 2022’ to help anyone who wants to start a career in digital marketing. The HubSpot team says, “If you’re looking for a job in digital marketing and want to know what skills and experience you need, then this video is for you! I share six tips that will help you land your dream digital marketing job.” HubSpot  [...]

Five Digital Marketing Tools for You [Video]

There are several tools that exist in the world of digital marketing. It is a challenge to choose the ones that your business needs. Watch HubSpot’s newest video ‘Best 5 FREE Digital Marketing Tools You Need’ to learn about five free digital marketing tools. The HubSpot team says, “In this video we’re sharing the best 5 free digital marketing tools you need! Thank us later (or just give this video a big thumbs up). These free tools will help you with everything from project management to designing visual assets that’ll take your business to the next level. Want... [...]