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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Archive for the 'Digital Marketing Strategies' Category

Internationalizing Your Marketing ft. Alessio Pieroni of Mindvalley [Podcast]

You can increase your business revenue by expanding your presence in multiple countries. For creating your presence in new environments you need to understand the mindset of the people who live their and their needs. IMPACT contributor Kathleen Booth has published a new podcast episode ‘Internationalizing your marketing ft. Alessio Pieroni of Mindvalley’ to help you expand your business. Booth says, “This week on The Inbound Success Podcast, Mindvalley head of marketing Alessio Pieroni talks about the company’s internationalizing strategy, and how entering new... [...]

Six Digital Marketing Tips for You

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many around the globe. The economic impact of COVID-19 is visible now as people are losing jobs and businesses have no customers. The Vertical Leap contributor Chris Pitt has shared useful digital marketing advice from six marketing experts. This useful article will help you to face today’s situation and be ready for tomorrow. Pitt says, “As Mark Ritson explains in an article for Marketing Week, brands need to focus on the long-term and resist the urge to buy into quick fixes. In his own words, “this virus, too, shall pass” and, “at... [...]

5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond [Video]

By acquiring new skills you can give a new life to your marketing. From social media to email marketing, you need to be well-verse with all the marketing tools that can help you to reach your target audience and grow sales. Growth Tribe has published a new video ‘5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond’ to help you identify the skills you need for marketing success. GT team says, “There are tons of digital marketing skills that are relevant for the future. In this video, we will focus on the ones that are in demand – plus our favourite resources... [...]

Digital Marketing Hacks for 2020 [Video]

Digital marketing continues to evolve and reach new heights with the development of new technologies. To optimally utilize the tech available for marketing you need to constantly experiment with it. Entrepreneur magazine team has published a new video ‘Digital Marketing Hacks for 2020’ featuring Carlos Gil. Entrepreneur team says, “Carlos Gil, CEO and founder of Gil Media Co., talks about his career journey, including dropping out of school and selling shoes, before realizing his passion for digital marketing. Gil and The Playbook host David Meltzer chat about... [...]

Eight Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Digital marketing continues to evolve with technological advancements. Integration of artificial intelligence makes your marketing efforts more personalized leading to success. Smart Company contributor James Lawrence has shared eight ways digital marketing will change in 2020. Lawrence says, “Staying on top of the speed of change in digital is one of the number-one things that in-house marketers and business owners worry about.  But the start of 2020 brings a moment to lift our heads above the fast-paced business of ‘getting things done’, allowing us to look ahead and... [...]

11 Steps to Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

A strong digital marketing strategy enables you to increase your website traffic, get more leads and increase sales. According to Smart Insights, 45% of companies do not have a well defined digital marketing strategy. To help you craft an effective digital marketing campaign strategy for your business, Exposure Ninja contributor Susanna Kemp has shared a 11-step guide. Kemp says, “Reviewing examples of business success is a great way to learn about what makes an effective digital marketing campaign. But how do you put this into practice for your business? The experts at Exposure Ninja have... [...]

Five steps to create a digital strategy

A digital marketing strategy that improves your sales and helps in establishing your brand – is something every marketer wishes to achieve. Forming such a strategy requires in-depth analysis of the tools that can be used and the approaches behind them. State of Digital contributor Morgen Henderson has shared a five-step plan to create and implement an integrated digital strategy. Henderson says, “Here’s a step-by-step to assess your marketing so you can create and implement an integrated digital strategy. Evaluate What You’re Working With You can’t plan a strategy unless you fully... [...]

Forbes’ four-step guide to create digital marketing plan

Forbes contributor Alex Oliveira has published a four-step guide to help brands create their digital marketing plan. The guide focuses on reviewing the current marketing strategy, creating a new plan, launching the campaigns and measuring the performance of the marketing campaign. Oliveira says, “As CEO of a digital marketing agency, I love watching the plan get created, executed and measured. We find that the best way to build a good online marketing strategy is to break it up into four distinct, actionable steps. 1. Review Your Current Digital Marketing Strategies  Reviewing your current... [...]

Maximising the ROI of Digital Marketing [Free Guide]

Econsultancy has published a free guide titled ‘Maximising the ROI of Digital Marketing’. The Econsultancy team says, “Having the ability to accurately quantify the contribution that a marketing programme or strategy has had upon revenue and profits is the holy grail of marketing measurement. With the amount of money brands are investing in their digital marketing programmes today, it is extremely important that they understand the value of their investment. Yet, as the expert interviews carried out for this report reveal, there remains little industry consensus over the best... [...]

Impact of digital marketing on user choice and customer acquisition

Digital marketing has opened new channels for brands and marketers. It allows you to reach out your target audience in multiple ways. Entrepreneur contributor Shubhagata Choudhury has shared four ways digital marketing is influencing user choice and customer acquisition. Choudhury says, “Facebook Walls Are The New Billboards! Gone are the days of spending a significant amount of cash on creating the perfect ad and product pitch. With the advent of digital and social media marketing, you can increase your sales value easily. Both the corporate giants and the SMEs have a level playing ground... [...]