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Friday, June 18, 2021

Archive for the 'Digital Marketing Strategies' Category

Brian Clark Launches ‘Digital Commerce Partners’

Copyblogger founder Brian Clark has announced the launch of ‘Digital Commerce Partners’ – a new content marketing and SEO agency. He says, “Digital Commerce Partners helps digital businesses take it to the next level. If you have an online course, virtual community, SaaS, or other digital product-based business, we can help you grow. As your prospect-pipeline partners, the return on investment will be clear. Your existing offers will be more profitable, and you can focus on developing new products and growing your brand. Cool stuff, right? But perhaps you’d like some... [...]

Beginners Guide to Digital PR [Guide]

Digital PR, a combination of link building and traditional PR practises, helps you improve your site’s organic performance. Root Digital’s Darren Kingman has published ‘Beginners Guide to Digital PR’. He says, “ur Beginner’s Guide to Digital PR discusses content creation and ideation through to digital PR strategy and how it impacts Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We’ll also look at how we outreach and provide tips throughout on what you could be doing to expand your own practises. We’ve called this a ‘Beginner’s Guide’ because we walk through concepts... [...]

Seven Step Guide to Starting a Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative career options you have today. It allows you to build a steady income with minimum investment working from home. Ahrefs’ Si Quan Ong has shared a seven-step guide to starting a career in digital marketing. He says, “Kickstart your career in digital marketing in these seven steps: Create your own website Choose one digital marketing channel to focus on Learn more about your chosen digital marketing channel Execute on what you’re learning Familiarize yourself with free digital marketing tools Apply for a job in marketing Furthering your... [...]

Inside Google Marketing: 3 Steps to Master Digital Advertising

Think with Google’s Kevin Murakami announced the availability of a new guide called ‘Inside Google Marketing: 3 steps to master digital advertising’. Learn from Google’s own marketing experts exactly how they build campaigns that successfully achieve each marketing objective. This guide gives you an inside look at how the Media Lab team, which manages the media strategy for all of Google’s advertising campaigns, gets it done. The media guide breaks down the team’s strategy into three steps, sharing exactly which Google ads products the team uses — and in what order —... [...]

Why Studying the Past of Digital Marketing is Important [Video]

Perficient Inc. has published a new video ‘Why Studying the Past of Digital Marketing is Important’ featuring Eric Enge. The Perficient team says, “Digital marketing has been part of marketing programs for decades. Perficient’s Eric Enge got started in the industry right at the beginning, roughly 30 years ago. In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge gives some retrospective on the history of digital marketing and SEO and shares lessons that can be applied to today’s digital marketing strategy”. Watch the video. Perficient... [...]

Your Guide to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers. Business 2 Community contributor Gregory Reyes has shared an in-depth article on digital marketing. He says, “Here are some types of digital marketing: Content Marketing Email Marketing Social Media Marketing For the scope of this blog post, we’ll only talk about these 3 types of digital marketing since they’re the most common. Let’s start with Content Marketing. Content Marketing Examples Content marketing is a strategic approach on consistently creating... [...]

11 Digital Marketing Tactics for Extreme Business Growth in 2021 [Infographic]

Prima Software has published a new infographic titled ’11 Digital Marketing Tactics for Extreme Business Growth in 2021′. It covers the following: Create and share fresh content Build a presence on social media Create infographics Use keyword research Research your competition Respond to reviews Build a presence in local listings Be aware of key industry organisations Use Google Analytics Write and share press releases Use a Live Chat facility. 11 Digital Marketing Tactics for Extreme Business Growth in 2021 Prima Software  [...]

How to Master Digital Marketing [White Paper]

Digital Marketing Depot has published a new white paper ‘How to Master Digital Marketing’ to help marketers improve their digital marketing performance. The DMD team says, “A new reality requires new tools. Stay ahead of the curve by getting your feet wet with video marketing – the most effective way to engage with customers remotely. This quick guide could help you make big changes that move the needle for your company. Inside you’ll find answers to these common questions: How can I meaningfully connect with customers at every stage of the funnel? What’s the secret... [...]

Merkle Releases Q3 2020 Digital Marketing Report

Merkle has released the Q3 2020 Digital Marketing Report. This report features updates and insights on digital marketing. The Merkle team says, “Below are some high-level findings from the report’s executive summary: As they have been for most of the year, digital marketing trends in Q3 2020 were inextricably linked to the course of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the response to it. Across channels, some of the more extreme reverberations of the crisis lessened in Q3, but most of the numbers continue to show an industry that is not back to normal, nor necessarily settled upon a... [...] Shares 10 Ways to Adapt Your Marketing Plan During the Pandemic

A strong marketing plan can help you to create a strategy for how you will communicate with your target audience and influence them to buy your products or services. contributor Skye Schooley has shared 10 ways to adapt your marketing plan during the pandemic. Schooley says, “We spoke with small business owners and marketing experts to help you determine the top 10 ways to modify your marketing strategy and reach your audience during the current economic upheaval. 1. Emphasize the true relevance of your product or service. As consumer needs change, the relevance of your product... [...]