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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Archive for the 'Digital Advertising' Category

Infographic Highlights 25 Years of Digital Advertising

Online advertising has been the backbone of business for over 25 years. It has seen several changes in the course of time. Social Media Today contributor Nancy Kapoor has published a new infographic highlighting 25 fascinating years of digital advertising. Kapoor says, “Digital advertising has come to redefine the marketing landscape, an evolution which has been taking shape since the early 1990s. A key factor that’s led advertising to turn digital is ceaseless technological innovation, a phenomenon that’s unlikely to slow down. From banner ads to artificial intelligence, digital... [...]

US Digital Ad Spend to Reach $129 Billion in 2019

An eMarketer report has stated that in 2019 the US digital ad spend will surpass the traditional advertising and reach $129.34 billion. According to the report, the mobile will account for two-thirds ($87.06 billion) of digital ad spend this year. The following images shows the prominent digital ad players and their dominance. You can read more detailed report on the following link. US Digital Ad Spending Will Surpass Traditional in 2019 eMarketer  [...]

How blockchain can benefit digital advertising

Recently we covered a news item that answers six questions on ‘Blockchain and its use in marketing‘. Forbes contributor Steve Olenski has talked about three ways blockchain can benefit our digital advertising efforts. Olenski says, “Here’s 3 ways blockchain benefit digital advertising. 1. Ad Fraud The media industry has been under fire as problems with online ad fraud, more precisely bots instead of humans seeing or ‘clicking’ on ads, have shown unrealistic measurement of campaigns. Usually, online advertising uses automated technology, and it can be unclear where... [...]

Strengthen your digital advertising strategy with these tips

Digital advertising is helping the brands and businesses around the world to grow their sales. With right alignment you can make your ads more influencing and improve your ROI. Marketing Land columnist Peter Minnium has shared ten tips to help marketers stay ahead in digital advertising. Minnium says, “In the last three decades, the evolution of the advertising industry has accelerated almost unimaginably. The gradual movement from print to radio, and then to television, has been replaced by the leaps and bounds of the digital age. If we are going to continue to meet the industry’s needs,... [...]

70% Marketers Advertise on Search and Social

The Digital Marketing Depot has released ‘The State of Digital Advertising 2017’ report. According to the report, today 70% marketers advertise on both search and social. More Findings 34% of marketers plan to increase their mobile search budgets by more than 30% 43% marketers plan to use local extensions as part of a mobile optimized approach to paid search marketing 40% plan to use extended text ads for mobile search marketing 42% marketers say that content marketing is their top priority in 2017 39% and 30% of marketers said that search marketing and social media re their priorities... [...]