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Monday, July 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Customer Engagement Strategies' Category

Eight Customer Engagement Strategies for You

By engaging your prospects and customers, you can continue to grow your business. It helps you reach your sales goals too. Acquire contributor Nikoletta Bika has shared eight helpful customer engagement strategies. She says, “The right customer engagement strategies can have a massive effect on your business outcomes. They will result in a better customer experience, higher retention, and will eventually help you attract more customers. If you’re wondering what the best strategies are, check out our list and give them all a try to create a truly engaged (and loyal) customer base. 1. Know... [...]

The Key Customer Engagement Trends of 2021, March 4 [Webinar]

Marketing Week is hosting a webinar ‘The key customer engagement trends of 2021, and how successful brands are adapting’ on Thursday, March 4, 2021. The MW team says, “Companies that excel at customer engagement see higher customer lifetime value and lower customer acquisition costs, resulting in long-term, capital-efficient business growth. To do that, marketers must work effectively to listen to what their customers are telling them through digital interactions, understand those signals, and then act in a way that is relevant and personal to that individual. Join us on 4th March... [...]

Humanity in Action: What Customer Engagement Is, Why It Matters, And What You Need to Know [e-book]

To achieve online marketing success, you need to stay connected with your target audience. Conversion can be achieved only by engaging the customers with proven tactics. Braze has published a new e-book ‘Humanity in Action: What Customer Engagement Is, Why It Matters, And What You Need to Know’ to help you improve customer engagement. Download this e-book to learn the following: Digital Marketing 101—What You Need To KnowThe What, Why, How of Modern Customer AcquisitionWhat Customer Engagement Is, Why It Matters, And What You Need to KnowWhat Retention Really Means—And... [...]

Improve customer engagement with these strategies

Customer engagement and retention is required to grow and maintain the brand reputation. It is your customer who is the best advocate of your products and services. To help marketers enhance their customer engagement, Forbes contributor Micah Solomon has shared ten secrets of customer engagement. Solomon says, “Customer engagement is a result of superior customer service and a well-designed customer experience. To make the concept trickier, though, not every aspect of customer service and customer experience design and execution affect engagement equally. Here are ten places where you have... [...]