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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Customer Acquisition Tips ’ Category

Customer Onboarding: The Key to Repeat Customers [Podcast]

Customer acquisition and retention are the two biggest priorities of most brands. Finding new customers and keep them coming again and again requires consistent efforts and a reliable product. Shopify contributor Felix Thea has published a new podcast titled ‘Customer Onboarding: The Key to Repeat Customers’ featuring Patrick Coddou to help marketers in this process. […]

Four acquisition problems that today’s marketers are facing

Customer acquisition and retention is the priority of every organization as it is the ultimate thing that helps brands survive. With changing paradigms, the brands face challenges in getting new customers and make sales. Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has sorted out four common acquisition problems that the marketers face today. Rajeck says, “The main issues […]

Learn how these entrepreneurs acquired their first 1000 customers

To start a new business is a challenge as you have to convince the people to buy your products and services for the first time. It is a difficult job to get the initial few customers for any business. Forbes contributor Jia Wertz has shared case studies of five entrepreneurs who reveal how they acquired […]

Get more customers with these copywriting secrets

An effective copy helps you convert more customers from prospects. It helps you influence people and make them feel the need to get your product or service. The Business 2 Community columnist Matt Brennan has shared eleven copywriting secrets that can help you attract new customers. Brennan says, “These copywriting secrets can help you grow […]

Tips to get more customers using your content

Content marketing is popular among the marketers and still growing fast. It helps you stay in touch with your clients and persuade them to take an action using different forms of the content. CMI columinst Marcia Riefer Johnston has published an article guiding marketers to use content marketing to get and retain customers. Marcia says, “Does […]

Strategies to enhance customer acquisition using content marketing

Customer acquisition is an important aspect to grow your business. You can get more customers using various strategies and content marketing could be one of them. Sujan Patel has shared twenty six ways to leverage content in your customer acquisition strategy. Patel says, “I’ve covered 26 ways to use content effectively to attract and close customers. […]