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Monday, May 25, 2020

Category Name: Content Creation Tips

Create Better Content with This Six-Step Guide

Quality content enables you to attract more people and grow your business. You need a clear strategy to regularly create content that keeps getting more readers who could be your prospective customers. Builtvisible contributor Emily Clayfield has shared six steps to help you create a successful content marketing strategy.Clayfield says, “A Content Strategy is a plan designed to help your brand achieve a long-term goal. To be successful, every strategy needs to do three things:Understand the nature of the challenge you faceEstablish how you can approach it bestBuild a specific... (Read More ...)

Strategies to Create Winning Content

When it comes to content creation, you need to keep in mind elements like SEO, audience interests etc. By addressing these two wisely, you can have more people visiting your websites. Koozai contributor Stacey Parsons has shared nine ways to help you in creating content that helps you to get more prospects and customers. Parsons says, “lready aware of how awesome content marketing is? That’s what we like to hear! So, without any further ado, here are our top 9 tips to help you create a kick-ass content strategy that will get results for your business…1. Set your goalsThis... (Read More ...)

Build your online business from free public domain content #ad

Much of the information available today is copyrighted by the owner, which makes it illegal for anyone to sell it without the permission of the copyright owner. This applies to books, artwork, music, videos, etc.But there is a class of information content called “public domain.” It is owned, not by an individual or a corporation, but by “the public”. That is, anyone can use this content without asking permission from anyone.You can legally use it yourself (e.g., on a website) or sell (and profit from selling) any of this public domain content.There are a number of ways... (Read More ...)

The Step by Step Guide to Succeeding with Digital Content Creation [Guide]

Quality content helps you to win people’s trust. The objective of content creation needs to be help people first and than to convert them into customers. In the age of innovative digital tools it has become easy to create content in different formats. But clarity on what you need to create can make your efforts rewarding. Marketing Week team has published anew guide called ‘The Step by Step Guide to Succeeding with Digital Content Creation’ to help you plan your content marketing efforts. MW team says, “Today’s content consumers are hard to reach. Attention... (Read More ...)

Create Better Content Using Video Data [White Paper]

Content creation should involve an in-depth research that helps you to identify what is in demand. Analyzing your prospects and customers’ content consumption habits you can move on to create the content people want. Target Marketing team has published a new white paper ‘Create Better Content Using Video Data’ to help you create right content.TM team says, “If you’re a small business, you have to work extra hard to get people to take notice of you, and you probably don’t have fancy budget or big advertising agencies to help you. But that’s okay. If you’re... (Read More ...)

Your Guide to Finding Competitors’ High-traffic Content Ideas

Internet traffic generation is the key to getting more people to know about your business. Quality content plays a pivotal role in enabling you to expand your online reach. Content creation can be boosted by learning how successful webmasters drive more traffic. Practical Ecommerce contributor Armando Roggio has shared some useful ideas on analyzing and understanding your competitors’ high traffic content ideas. Roggio says, “Ecommerce competitors can be a good source of inspiration and ideas. Analyzing a competitor’s content — good or bad — could generate ideas... (Read More ...)

Strategies to Create More Links with Interactive Content

Your content speaks for you. It helps you to build an authority in your domain. Quality content also enables you to secure links for improving the SEO prospects. Search Engine Journal’s James Brockbank has published an article highlighting five types of interactive content that can be used to attract more links. Brockbank says, “Here we’ll explore in more depth how you can use the latter to earn links that contribute toward great growth, showcasing a number of proven formats and examples of successful pieces.We’ll specifically look at what makes each of these interactive... (Read More ...)

Explain What You Sell by Using Content [Video]

The purpose of content creation is to express your ideas effectively to that the target audience understands it clearly and takes desired action. To help you create effective content, Marcus Sheridan has published a video ‘Explain What You Sell by Using Content’. Sheridan says, “It’s crazy how often companies sell services and products yet the marketplace doesn’t even know what those things are. Literally, they may not even know what the word/phrase your offering or talking about even means. This is exactly why assuming ignorance on the part of the audience,... (Read More ...)

How to Instantly Find Dozens of Content Ideas [Video]

Creativity is the key to content marketing success. You can give an edge to you content marketing campaigns by observing how successful marketers do it.Neil Patel has published a video ‘How to Instantly Find Dozens of Content Ideas’ to help you improve your content marketing. Patel says, “How to Instantly Find Dozens of Content Ideas (That Your Audience Will LOVE) | You’ve used tools like Ubersuggest to find all these keywords that you should go after. But how do you know what content you should create around these keywords? Because if you create the wrong type... (Read More ...)

Google Shares Three Ways to Create Outstanding Site Content

Quality content helps you to build your website’s credibility. To create eye-catching content you should do thorough research and take care of the audience emotions. Ezgi Cetinkaya, Marketing Communications Specialist, AdSense, Google has shared three steps to help you create outstanding website content.Cetinkaya says, “Great content marketing not only drives new visitors to your site, but also entices previous visitors to come back. A content strategy is key, so take advantage of these tools that can help.1. Identify areas with high potentialBefore you sit down to... (Read More ...)

Strategies to Create Accessible Website Content

The concept of improving the accessibility of website content refers to reducing basic barriers to comprehension. You can make content accessible by adding alternative text for images and other graphics.Portent contributor Travis McKnight has shared four strategies to write accessible website content. McKnight says, “The technical details of web accessibility are only part of the equation to provide a seamless user experience and make your content easy to understand and engage with. Your users are the variables that determine what accessibility level you need, and how you... (Read More ...)

Improve Your Content Creation Process with These Six Questions

Content writing is a creative job where you need to be clear about your objectives and the audience you are targeting. This process doesn’t require only effective writing skills, you also need to develop clarity on how you can make your audience take action with the help of your content.State of Digital contributor Lauren Irwin has shared six questions answering to which you can improve your content creation process. Irwin says, “There’s a light at the end of that dreary tunnel of average time spent on pages and exit rate. Here are 6 questions to ask yourself when getting... (Read More ...)